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::March Paintings::

    This month, so far, has been full of some good painting time! Things greening and starting to blossom has evidently inspired me to create and bring new things into being as well!

  I've created three new paintings-- so far--- this month, with the originals all sold but prints either in my etsy shop or on their way.
"In the Dye Garden" was inspired by the flowers of summer that can be used for dyeing fibers, one of my favorite 'old timey lady' things to do. In the gardener's arms she has gathered zinnias, golden rod, coreopsis, marigold and queen anne's lace. All of these plants can be used to create beautiful natural dyes. Behind her is a happy stand of hollyhocks (my favorite!) which can also be used to dye yarn and cloth. This piece is my love letter to fiber arts and the wonderful way in which gardening can dovetail with it, and of course....sheep. There had to be sheep in the background!
  Next I painted a piece inspired by these first raw, greening days of spring when its still cold enough to need that hat and gloves, but the birds are out and the first leaves are coming out on the trees. This painting is called "Easter Morning Walk" and in my mind, is a lovely morning walk in the countryside, gathering pussy willow (a plant traditionally used for Easter decor in colder climbs). More sheep...always sheep these days, it seems!

This next piece is a bit more moody and literary inspired--- Jane Eyre. This classic novel by Charlotte Bronte is one of my very favorite literary classics. I can still remember reading it in 10th grade French class. Why French class? No idea....but that's where I was reading it ;) 

This piece depicts Jane nestled in a window seat sketching her secret love (Mr Rochester!) as he moodily walks through the sparse gardens. Outside the sky is foreboding and birds take flight, and Jane doesnt notice the silhouettes of a strange man and woman looking at her from the walls....

     Happily, all of these pieces have been sold! I DO have prints of In the Dye Garden, and will get some done of the other two in the near future.

   At the moment I am working on another classic literature inspired piece, a piece that I also loved so much as a child....any guesses??

ALSO--- I wanted to point you toward my little 'ramble blog' that you can access HERE or at 'blog' on my top menu on this site. The blog is more for little projects and pretty things that arent necessarily about art. I've decided to clean up this part of my internet domain so that it is more focused on just art and coming events etc.

Thanks for coming to see me today! And please come back soon....there may be a giveaway in the near future! :D
Til then,


New Painting: Winter Weaver

   Last night I was out in the studio and was able to put the finishing touches on this latest painting-- Winter Weaver. It seems I've caught the weaving bug, and have even acquired a loom! But Im still gathering parts and pieces to be able to really weave anything....until then, I'll paint it!

  This painting was done on an 8x10" wooden flat sided plaque, which is starting to be my favorite painting surface. Its flat on the sides, shaped a lot like a canvas but, well, wood and not canvas! I love how smoothly the pain goes on it. And it shows off color nicely I think!

   This original piece has already sold, but I know this image will be one I send to the printer soon!

How are you these days? Picking up any unexpected hobbies as well? I always seem to be doing that!~
Stay warm and cozy out there!~

New Cards Available

   Good morning, all!~
Here in Oklahoma we are still experiencing some winter chill, but signs of spring are upon us! I've got bulbs popping up, getting ready for spring. And we have already entered the season of Lent.

   In the shop these days, I have just posted a nice selection of cards--- with subjects ranging from best friends, knitting, winter days and Easter! These cards can also be purchased individually, so that you can create your own card collection, or get as many or little as you need.

  You can find all these cards in my etsy shop HERE.

New Art

   So far 2018 has seen me with two finished paintings! By the end of January I had put the finishing touches on "Candlemas Day" (above) and "Our Lady, Undoer of Knots" (below).

  Each one was a challenge and such a fun project to work on....and I now have 8x10" and 11x14" prints in my etsy shop!

The stories behind the paintings....

Candlemas Day: I have always been intrigued by the sort of obscure holiday of Candlemas. Its official name is The Presentation of Our Lord and Purification of the Virgin Mary, but thanks to the old custom of blessing the parish and home candles for the year on this day, it became known among the people as Candlemas.
  This idea, of bringing the light your family will be using throughout the year to be blessed, captured my heart and imagination. That concept set the scene for this mother and her girls to be trudging happily through the snow with big bundles of candles.
  Candlemas takes place on February 2, so I took pleasure in creating a mid-winter scene, with birds and bramble and a fresh blanket of snow. It was so fun to paint all the tiny details, and it printed up really well too. Check my etsy shop for prints and cards!

Our Lady, Undoer of Knots: The concept for this painting is one I've been thinking over in my mind a lot and have also had several requests for. This particular Marian devotion is relatively modern, and there is a particular, pretty traditional and Italianate painting of the Virgin Mary undoing a rope of knots. The basic concept of the devotion is that you seek Mary's aid in undoing the 'knots' of your life. Sometimes life can seem hopelessly tangled, but this devotion creates a prayer life (and there's even a novena) devoted to untangling those things causing unhappiness and strife.
   With that idea in mind, I saw my Mary as, of course, a fiber artist...and her knots are in yarn! As I painted the concept of overlaying this theme with the Annunciation occurred to me--- because her "yes" to being the mother of God was perhaps the biggest knot coming undone!
   I've places little hints of her story in this little homespun scene....the three lilies, the dove of the Holy Spirit, even a little apple on the window ledge throwing it back to The Garden of Eden. Mary, however, is steadily focused on the task at hand, and very soon that tangled string will be smoothed and as it should be, placed on her drop spindle, wound into a ball, then used to create a beautiful tapestry like the one behind her on the wall.
  This piece is also available in my etsy shop in prints and as a card!

   Well, these are my pieces for now! I think 2018 is off to a good start! More work and pieces to bring to life, and time in the studio needed!
   Thanks for your visit today, and see you again soon!~

Upcoming Class & Fiber Art Retreat

   Happy New Year, friends! I have a good feeling about 2018. I was so ready to shake off 2017, and now I'm ready for a year of creating, tea drinking, friends and adventures. My first adventure will combine all of these things! I will once again be attending the Eureka! Fiber in the Ozarks Retreat in Eureka Springs, AR. This time, though, I will also be teaching a class as well as attending as a student, and would love to see you there!

   The retreat itself is February 1,2,3 at the Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs. It will be three whole days full of fiber fun-- including spinning, knitting, crocheting, rug hooking and weaving. There will also be classes you can take (you get one free with your retreat fee) ranging from shibori to rug hooking to--- oh look! painted fiber dolls taught by me! :D

   On Saturday Feb 3 I'll be teaching a small class on painting these pretty little angels and doing the needle felting for their lovely locks. On Saturday the event is also open to the public for sales from various fiber vendors from around the region--- you do NOT have to be a retreat member to attend the Saturday sale, but retreat goers get first dibs on all the fabulous items there!

  I had SUCH an amazing time last year, and came back so refreshed. It was the first time I'd ever indulged myself in doing something like that and ooooohhh was it worth it. I came back a happy, refreshed and inspired mama.

   The retreat is hosted by Eureka fiber artists Debbie Davis of Fleece 'N Flax and Vicki Hardcastle of Hardcastle Folk Art. Both these talented artists live in work in Eureka, and visiting their shops is half the fun of this amazing retreat.

  I'd love to see you there! You can find out more information and sign up HERE. 
Til then, happy New Year!~

New Originals + Giveaway Winner!

   Good morning, friends! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! I've just finished uploading several original pieces to  my etsy shop, just in time for the holiday season. There's angels, New England Homecomings, and a little Madonna and child.  Click HERE to see what all is new!

I've also got the winner for this week's FREE PRINT!
The winner is.....REBECCA SOLOMON!
Congrats, Rebecca!~

Thanks SO MUCH to all that entered! And come back soon, as I'll have more offerings and giveaways throughout the Advent season! :D

GIVEAWAY: Win a Free Print!

    Tis almost the season, and time to start thinking about getting festive; bringing the beauty of Advent and Christmas into our homes, finding the perfect gift for a loved one, or just looking out for an unexpected treat!

   To help kick off what is my busiest season in my folk art year, I thought it was high time I hosted a giveaway!

   So here we go! You can peruse my etsy shop and enter to win any 8x10" print you see there! Entering is easy! Just tell me which print you want and why you want it! You can increase your odds by also sharing the giveaway on social media, and coming back to make a separate comment to tell me where you've shared it!

 Giveaway is OPEN all week, with the winner announced FRIDAY MORNING,  NOVEMBER 24.

Good luck, and thanks a bunch! :D