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COMING UP: An Autumn Gathering

 "An Autumn Gathering" is a favorite tradition on my blog, where I share a collection of new autumn inspired art and host a 'blog stroll' that you can also take part in on your own social media!
  This year's Autumn Gathering will take place on SATURDAY September 1.That day, I will have lots of new original goodies for you to peruse in my etsy shop. Summer here is long and hot--- so once September comes, it's all about autumn! Its time for autumn leaves and pumpkins! (no matter that its still usually 90 degrees) The season holds a special place in my heart because my birthday is often the official first day of autumn-- I'm a solstice baby :) and so, its always a time of merry-making and celebration!

  If you are a blogger or have a social media posting platform (instagram works too) I'd love if you'd join me for an 'autumn stroll.' Publish your own autumn themed post on or around September 1 and I will have a link tool on my Autumn Gathering blogpost where you can leave your info, and we can all visit each other!

So on September 1, grab a festive cup of tea, break out the knitting, and come visit! See new art and visit new friends as we come together for our autumn gathering! Hope to see you then!

  And also, don't forget that Im still doing pre-orders for my 2009 calendar! See more images of it and make your your order HERE 

PRE-ORDER 2019 Calendar!

   You guys!!!
    I'm so excited to share--- the first look at my FIRST calendar, for 2019!

I've been working on this for months now, and am so thrilled to have the actual hard copy in my hands. My printers did such a beautiful job with it, and I am so pleased. The calendar measures 10x12" and the pages are printed on a really nice, sturdy matte white stock. That means it'll be nice to write on AND it will make great prints to frame once the year is done.

   My idea for this calendar was to make it more ecumenical than most calendars out there--- there are feast days and holy days marked for Roman Rite, Anglican and Orthodox liturgical years. There are also major Jewish feast days noted.

   So that means--- The Twelve Great Feasts of Orthodoxy? In there! Lent? In there! Advent? Yep, in there too! I've even marked old calendar Christmas and New Year-- although I decided (for simplicity's sake and on the advice of a friend who in an Orthodox deacon) to keep the Orthodox holidays on the western 'new' calendar.

  I also added Marian feast days (Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Fatima), beloved celtic saints (yay for Dunstan! Aiden! Cuthbert! Brigid! Audrey!) and also American saints (Katherine Drexel! Herman of Alaska!) Its a big, beautiful, full family endeavor. There will be saints and feast you know, and some you dont-- depending on your faith tradition. The idea for me is, if you see something you dont know--- look it up! Deepen your faith! Lets realize all the things we have in common.

  Right now I am opening this calendar up for PRE-ORDER. It will be open for pre-order until Tuesday, August 21 and then I'll make my large calendar order. My plan is to get an idea of how many copies I'll need and just make the one order. Its more economical for me to order in bulk, but I will only order a finite number and then, they're gone. So if you want to make sure you get one--- please please pre-order!

I will place my order on August 22 and then the calendars will go out to you, my pre-order friends, ASAP. After that, I'll list the remainder in my shop for first come, first serve.

It feels so good to have this calendar done and to have it in my hands...I've wanted to make one for years. And I'm so happy I could have it so beautifully made, and here in the US. This is no Chinese printed calendar. I'm using a small family run business to have these printed, so when you buy your art--- you're actually helping two small family businesses. Thank you!

  And if you're one of my newsletter friends who have already pre-ordered--- THANK YOU!!! <3 My newsletter subscribers always get big news first, so if you'd like to be mailed the next one, please subscribe! I try to make it worth your while! :)

  Til next time!~
Take Joy,