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A Little Greeting

   Hello there, it's been a bit! These have been some rough few weeks around here. Not one, but two bouts of family illnesses to work through (I'm still now 100%) and a death in the family have made it hard to get back into a productive routine. I've missed making though, and talking with you here....and although I loaded these pictures up onto blogger nearly a month ago, I thought I'd still share them with you. This is a bit of what was going on in late February, projects finished, animals loved, bulbs just starting to bloom, chickens out and about in the yard....

    The weather is starting to stabilize into being decidedly 'springtime' now.....and while it makes things very beautiful, it also seems to make my allergies go haywire! I cant wait to be well enough to go out and explore though, see all the blooms and enjoy the sun....I love when the world is full of flowers again, and I'm anxious to get back into the garden after months of sound sleeping....

  Will write more, and hopefully more cleverly, very soon!~h

New Original: A Mother's Prayer

    A few days ago I finished up a new painting, and although I was a little nervous about how it was going, I think it ended up looking nice. This is "A Mother's Prayer", and depicts a young women with a little baby, standing before an icon of Mary and the Christ Child. In the shadowy background you can just make out other icons in the candle light....but standing before the icon, that is the true source of the light.

    This piece came to be out of my sketch book....and I have been drawing and sketching even more at the table this cold morning. We are expecting freezing rain that turns to snow at, of course, just about the time of school pick up! Im planning to bake a chicken for dinner and have candles going (and the kettle, of course) it is a quiet, gray day good for sketching and painting.

    This new little painting is now available in my etsy shop, and I'm thinking about Lent and Easter and spring art. There are plans for a spring open house in the works with my friends at Blue Heron. But for now....I'm watching the frostiness outside and enjoying my little potted plants inside. I got this African Violet at the grocery store a few weeks ago, and it's blooming like mad...I love the light edges of the dark purple blooms. I've got my photo of the family from St. Petersburg resting against it...I just love looking at the photo, it makes me so happy. I still wonder each day who they were...

   And now, time to brew some more tea. Change out the laundry (always, its never ending...) do the dishes, sit down to my sketch book. Each painting is done one sketch, one mark at a time...

Til the next post,
Take Joy!