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Our Lady of Guadalupe

  I have been busy in the studio lately, but recently I felt the urge to stop working on holiday items and paint what was weighing on my heart. And what was on my heart has been on the hearts and minds of many of us-- the humanitarian crisis of children being separated from their families at our southern borders.

  In response to this, I began painting something comforting and connected--- Our Lady of Guadalupe. When I finished her, I decided that I wanted to use the proceeds from her sale for good-- and have decided to donate $50 from her purchase price to support those who are helping bring compassion and mercy to the situation--- Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley. This worthy organization also hosts a respite center for travelers and refugees, offering meals, clothing, a chance to clean up and become oriented. You can read more about their wonderful work HERE.

  And so, if you are interested in purchasing this painting and offering your aid along with gaining some art, visit my etsy shop. And I also encourage you to donate to Catholic Charities to help those in need.

  Thank you so much~~

Celebrate Spring! Win a Free Print!

   Although the winter snows and freezing temperatures seem to be having a hard time letting go of us here in the US, it IS springtime! And with each passing day, we just get closer to beautiful blooms, leafing trees, and a green and glorious world.

   To celebrate and herald in the season (if we will it, it will come--- right?!?!) I'm in the mood for a treat around here! How about--- a giveaway?!

   The giveaway is for any 8x10" print found in my shop! Choose which one you love and leave me a comment--- increase your chances of winning by commenting across my social media accounts. You can leave a comment here, on my facebook page, or on my instagram account. If you comment on all three, that's three chances to win! Increase your chances to win even more by tagging up to 4 friends on facebook or instagram. Winner will be selected on Friday!

   Let's get started, shall we? Just leave me a comment! You can tell me which print is your favorite, why you're ready for spring, or even offer suggestions for future paintings! I am all ears! And so ready for spring!

   Good Luck!~!