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Summer Whites

It might be hard to tell from my artwork, but I do like whites and creams. I seem to be adding more and more of them, and I think they look pretty with splashes of dark--- like brown, or gray or green. That's what you'll find more and more of in my little house.

Yesterday I wrapped up the first of my commissions and sent it off to its new home. I added a little bit of fennel from the front bed, I love their dusty white blooms. While most of my garden is limping along, the fennel can always be counted on to go crazy and try to take over. It's pretty and ferny, although sometimes you have to yank it up and remind it to share :)

I like sending my originals off in pretty packaging. I think it makes getting treats in the mail all the more exciting when you get to undo pretty paper and ribbons. And you know I like pretty dishes-- last night I brought home a complete white porcelain tea set and now I'm just itching to start painting it. I think I'll sell each piece individually this time around, and not necessarily do a matching set. But I'm happy to say that in the future, if anyone's looking for a custom painted tea set, I should be able to do it! :)

As for myself, I'm still on the hunt for pretty blue and white dishes. Still haven't found just the perfect ones. I love the dishes that she has in this post, actually I love almost everything about her style. Do you ever get decorating crushes? Lol....

Well, we're headed for a 103* day today. So I think I'll stay in and work on some knitting. Perhaps if I start now, I might actually get some things done by christmas ;)

And thanks to all of you who have come to this new space with me! I so love seeing you, and also meeting the new friends who've stopped by. I love reading all your comments, and I'm making it a new policy to be more chatty with you all in the comments section.

Well, better start breakfast...

Tasha Tuesday

Good morning, and welcome to the first Tasha Tuesday on the new blog :) This morning is a nice change from the hot and overwhelming weather we've been having. The sky darkened shortly after I took these photos and now its pouring, the sky is gray, and the thunder is rumbling. It's wonderful, and I hope the garden is soaking this all up, since the rest of the week is forecasted in the triple digits.

This morning at breakfast I thumbed through the book Tasha Tudor's Garden and tried not to sigh too much. This year's suddenly sweltering weather (this June has been matching up with our hottest summer on record and I dont like that one bit!) has my gardens nearly hanging their heads in defeat. My roses have been odd and puny. Many of the flower seeds I planted haven't even peeked their heads up out of the mulch. And to top it off, my one thriving crop, the lettuce, got some sort of strange beetle infestation and I had to cut it all down. So next time you ever hear me talk about planting lettuce, you need to give me a good shake. Never again! ;)

My one consolation is that the pink hibiscus in my front flower bed is heavy with buds and about to burst. I saw the first pink petals last night when I was watering. Tasha was often a little boastful when it came to certain flowers (especially her peonies, another thing I cant seem to grow) and my garden vanity lies in the hibiscus. It stands a good 7 feet or so now, and is huge. I watch it grow in anticipation from the first fat green branch that pokes up from the ground and watch it grow up into a huge bush and then the blossoms come. Literally my first thought when we decided not to move last spring was "well, I don't have to give up my pink hibiscus then!" I'm that besotted ;)

Sorry not too much art to show right now, I am working, but its for private commissions and I dont like to show those off until the person I'm making for has the original in their hands. It's lots of fun though :)

Happy Tasha Tuesday to you all. Thanks for coming with me to this new space :) It feels so nice and full of possibility!

Not familiar with Tasha Tudor? Learn more HERE

Quiet night in the art room

Spending a quiet evening in the art room with my little one. Working on some portraits while she works on ponies. One of us might take some inspiration from some 15th century panel paintings at some point ;)

I've been listening to the Fleet Foxes station on Pandora all evening, I like it. I like when dreamy old timeyness mixes with a little modern. Trying to do that with paint.

Its so hot. So, so hot outside. Maybe, if I paint enough autumn paintings, autumn will come. Worth a try, I guess? Tomorrow is our 'cool down' for the week at 92*. Hope to get out and do something. Its hard to hide inside all day with a bored 4 year old. We've watched a lot of Ghost Busters ;)

Back to painting. Hope all is well with you~

This weekend I've been cleaning out my art room, cleaning out the house, and even doing some online cleaning. I haven't been doing much painting, but I've got lots of ideas and a few commissioned pieces coming up. It's about time to settle in and prepare for fall and christmas. Can you believe it?

Happy to have gotten a lot of work around the house done, though. Its always easier to paint when things are in their place. Too bad I'm terrible at keeping things neat and organized! I admit some of my cleaning was fueled by cupcakes ;) I have plans to make another plum cake too.

I'm so glad you've found me here at this new blog! Here's to lots of art to fill this blog up right :)
Til next time,

Good Things and New Things

So it seems there's all sorts of good things happening this summer! As well as some massive amounts of cleaning and rearranging. Since you've found your way here-- thank you! You are now at the new blog home of Audrey Eclectic Folk Art :)

I've been wrestling with the idea of changing my blog home for, literally, years. When I started my first art blog I had no art business. I had no idea really what it was, aside from a place to post art. It had a massive evolution in 4 years. But I've decided I need a fresh change, a chance to clean things up and to also make my blog more cohesive with my business (especially in name!) So...Here we are. I'd love it if you would click to follow on the sidebar so we can keep track of eachother in this new space.

And now on to a good thing!

I am very happy to announce that two of my paintings were published in the current (July/August 2011) issue of Somerset Studios! I love this magazine, it was the magazine that really made something click in my head about creating art and what I could do with it. Haha, I remember the very issue I was reading (Halloween, naturally!) and I was sitting at a booth at Village Inn. How's that for a memory? ;)

I also have it on very very good authority that the upcoming issue of Somerset Home will feature a little Audrey Eclectic love. I can't wait for you to see it.

Thanks to those of you who have been Audrey Eclectic friends for all these years and changes! And to those new friends--- welcome, and thanks for coming by!

Let's get a fresh start, shall we?