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Tasha Tuesday

Good morning, and welcome to the first Tasha Tuesday on the new blog :) This morning is a nice change from the hot and overwhelming weather we've been having. The sky darkened shortly after I took these photos and now its pouring, the sky is gray, and the thunder is rumbling. It's wonderful, and I hope the garden is soaking this all up, since the rest of the week is forecasted in the triple digits.

This morning at breakfast I thumbed through the book Tasha Tudor's Garden and tried not to sigh too much. This year's suddenly sweltering weather (this June has been matching up with our hottest summer on record and I dont like that one bit!) has my gardens nearly hanging their heads in defeat. My roses have been odd and puny. Many of the flower seeds I planted haven't even peeked their heads up out of the mulch. And to top it off, my one thriving crop, the lettuce, got some sort of strange beetle infestation and I had to cut it all down. So next time you ever hear me talk about planting lettuce, you need to give me a good shake. Never again! ;)

My one consolation is that the pink hibiscus in my front flower bed is heavy with buds and about to burst. I saw the first pink petals last night when I was watering. Tasha was often a little boastful when it came to certain flowers (especially her peonies, another thing I cant seem to grow) and my garden vanity lies in the hibiscus. It stands a good 7 feet or so now, and is huge. I watch it grow in anticipation from the first fat green branch that pokes up from the ground and watch it grow up into a huge bush and then the blossoms come. Literally my first thought when we decided not to move last spring was "well, I don't have to give up my pink hibiscus then!" I'm that besotted ;)

Sorry not too much art to show right now, I am working, but its for private commissions and I dont like to show those off until the person I'm making for has the original in their hands. It's lots of fun though :)

Happy Tasha Tuesday to you all. Thanks for coming with me to this new space :) It feels so nice and full of possibility!

Not familiar with Tasha Tudor? Learn more HERE


  1. Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by. I totaly missed this changing of blog thing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your garden. :) I don't garden myself but every plant or flower I owned in the house has died on me so I know how you must be feeling. :) Yaaay for the hibiscus! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! The switch over is really recent. I'm glad you found your way here! :)

  3. love your garden! :)


  4. I have been so behind in my blog reading, but luckily I was telling a friend of mine about you the other day and realized that you have 'moved'! I promptly had to fix you in my blogroll and I will happily follow, wherever you go :)

  5. Oh! This post makes me so happy. I am working at Tasha Tudor's garden this summer, it's truly magical and inspiring (although we have a lot of work to do to restore it to it's peak beauty).

    Your garden is gorgeous! I can't wait until I have a little piece of land of my own. Right now I just have to make do with a container garden on my fire escape, which doesn't make my landlord too happy. Oh, well.

  6. Heather, I absolutely love and adore your artwork. I think we are kindreds.
    I love Tasha Tudor, one of my most favorite books from my childhood (A Time To Keep) was written and illustrated by her. She had such a charming way about her. Your blog is quaint and sweet. I love your folk style.

  7. Robin,
    Goodness! Welcome! I'm so pleased to have you hear, you must tell me all about the garden! Just from photos it looks amazing....

  8. Heather,
    Thanks so much for stopping by! If you and tasha are kindreds, I think you and I might be as well! Welcome!

  9. Hi Heather!
    I do hope you get enough rain for your lovely garden to breathe a sigh of relief, and you too.
    It's been raining a lot here, it feels more like spring than summer. I'll try to send some of our weather over your way. =)

  10. Happy BELATED Tasha Tuesday! Ah, gardens...we've been plagued with woodchucks eating all our treats. We have put up new barriers and so far they seem to be working. Your hibiscus looks wonderful. Hopefully everything else shall bloom, too. :) And what is that yummy treat on your plate - looks so delicious!

  11. Thanks Theresa! Oh, a wood chuck? I dont know if I've ever seen a woodchuck! I hear they chuck wood ;) lol....ok....oh, whats on my plate is some homemade cinnamon raisin bread I made and only after I baked it did I realize I'd left out the cinnamon! OOps....so I just sprinkled it on top, tasted just as good!~

  12. Dear Heather,

    I'm sorry about your gardens; our roses died in the first heat wave, too, so sad! At least we had peonies here. Hopefully the hotter spring means a cooler summer, eh?

    I'll be drooling over Tasha Tudor's Garden book, too, along with all her other goodies.




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