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Rapturous Red

It's becoming apparent that I have an affinity for red checks. Which probably isnt' too surprising since red is my favorite color. Its practically a neutral! What doesn't go with red?

I sent this pretty little package of custom paintings off monday (and I can't wait to hear how they are received!) and yesterday I started making these little fabric roses to decorate some sweet little knitted things and I've found them a bit addictive. The more tattered the better, I think. I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be covered in knitted hats and tattery roses in no time.

I also just added this one of a kind hand painted Jane Eyre cup to my etsy shop. Please click over to the listing to see more photos. I think it came out very nice. I just love Jane. And it seems you all do too :) my standard Jane Eyre painted mug is my best seller in my shop. But I wanted to do a little something special with Jane, and thought she'd look beautiful in her cloak wandering through the moors on a tea cup.

I've got big ambitions today to get lots of things done. And its also cloudy and has even rained, and its the most exotic and wondrous thing. This gentler weather is fleeting, we all know it. And I will try not to whine about it too much. Try, I said. I make no promises ;)

Back to painting and brownie making....


  1. Love your packaging again Heather, it looks perfect for your artwork.
    And as for Jane Eyre well we all know how great she is and your teacup is just delightful.

  2. Thanks Micki! I love good packaging. I think it just furthers the mood of the art. I need to find a fancy way to do my cups though...

  3. I love Jane Eyre! And I love teacups! So this new cup makes me very, very happy.

    I've been thinking about getting some of those ceramic paints. Do you like working with them?

  4. I do like working with Pebeo paints, although like with any medium it takes a bit of practice to get going with them, and they can be fickle some times. I like the look of the line drawings though, although the trick is to get the drawing done down on the first try, no erasing or sketching before hand... :)

  5. it all looks great! i love the red checks too :) red is a great neutral :)

  6. Red is one of my favorites too. Your new packaging totally fits you and your beautiful work. Having Jane on the moors on the tea cup is perfect.

  7. Im so glad to see that there's such red love out there! Red is awesome :)

  8. Your packaging was sweet as pie, and we *adore* the paintings. -xoxo

  9. The packaging is so lovely, Heather. I just love red - any time of year. Your Jane Eyre mug is wonderful! I adore your literary line of accessories so very much!


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