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So last week I sent off this pair of paintings to their new home in Oregon. They have the loveliest owners, a pair of musicians who met through their mutual love of music. It was so much fun to paint this pair and have free reign to make them over in an old-timey style :) She plays the autoharp and he plays the cello, among other instruments. They are such a sweet and talented pair!

In other news, its hot and and just getting hotter. There hasn't been a summer like this since 1911. 1911! We've skipped the entire dust bowl, people ;) I'm doing my best to not whine so much about it, but obviously I'm failing miserably. Everything is brown and dead. I am holding onto thoughts of autumn though. It will be here soon! And then there will be Christmas, and Christmas is always so nice. We've been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately too, it helps to cool off :) If you've never tried it, you should ;)

I'm working on more autumn themed art and will be showing it to you soon! Take care and stay cool,


  1. I LOVE these paintings! I adore their old style charm. Just perfect. So sorry you are still experiencing such hot temps - it is getting warmer here...thank goodness for the AC! :)

  2. Thank you Theresa! Im glad you have AC, I know we'd be miserable without it! My greatgrandpa was born in 1911, and now I'm wondering how his poor mother survived, being pregnant during the hottest year on record and NO AC whatsoever! No wonder he was an only child ;)

  3. they look great! i love these!
    what did you paint them on? :)


  4. Sydney,
    The paintings were made on wooden plaques :)

  5. Great paintings--and love the story behind them too! stay cool....

  6. your art & tea cups
    are all so delightful!
    looove it here!! xox

  7. oh that sounds terrible! Hot here but it cools off so much at night. And by hot I mean 80s or so. Pretty paintings Heather! I bet their owners are so excited to receive them~

  8. what a lovely set of paintings! and what a lucky couple!

  9. Oh I just love these. CLarice


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