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Tasha Tuesday

Here it is again, Tasha Tuesday. So glad so many of you enjoy it. I do too. I love that each week I seem to meet someone new who has an affinity for Tasha Tudor, and I love when old friends come back to chat.

She's probably my favorite artist not just because of her epic catalog of amazing work and books (something I dream of, even if I just do a fraction as well as she does) but because, well, we like so many of the same things. I have many granny habits, and even before she was a granny, Tasha did too ;)

I took some shots of a few of my favorite things that were also favorites of Tasha. Critters--- crafting--- and flowers. Above is my little rabbit family: Mr. Darcy and Lizzie Bennet and their baby, Lilybel. If you missed all the bunny pictures over the winter when we raised our little nest of rabbits, you can see them here. So precious. I love their family dynamic now too. Mr. Darcy is of course fixed now, so he's quite the gentleman and doting father. Its funny, Lilybel didn't become cagemates with her father until she was about 8 weeks old, but they've bonded so well I think she's a bit of a daddy's girl. Lizzie is perhaps the funniest of all though, with her busybody habits and nosiness. She's always the first to come up to see what you're up to when the hutch is opened, and she's been known to nervously fuss over Lilybel's fur when she's in a tizzy. It's so 'mom-like.'

I've also been knitting like a fiend lately, I guess I just got in the mood. Had a bit of a trauma last night when the cord of my circular needles snapped off at nearly the end of making this little oatmeal colored hat. Thankfully I had some plastic glue and it seems to be ok this morning. Tasha did some epic knitting, and I always loved her shawls. I think shawls are so handy, especially since I seem to be the sort of person who likes to bundle up (perhaps another reason I'm not fond of summer?)

And although my humble flower bed is nothing compared to Tasha's rambling garden, I'm hopeful that my roses are waking up from their coma thanks to the rose food I've been giving them. There's a great book all about English cottage gardens for the American gardener (lol, in fact, that's the title!) and Tasha wrote the forward to it and her garden is featured in its (many) pages. Its an amazing book, and I highly recommend it. Its perfect for dreaming of epic flower gardens.

Well, today should be a hot but good day. Going to spend some time with a friend making little crafty things for her baby shower, and slowly but surely cutting out quilt squares. Ironically, my color scheme seems pretty patriotic (red, blue, and linen beige) maybe by next 4th of July I'll have it finished ;)

Happy Tasha Tuesday!~

Who is Tasha Tudor? Read more here


  1. Your bunny family is so sweet, and your garden looks fab! I love all the color and variety.

  2. cute bunnies!
    love the roses-that's one of my favorite colors!!

  3. Happy Tasha Tuesday! Sorry I'm late. I'm really happy you started it up again. The buns are way too cute! Looks like they are quite the happy family. Your roses are gorgeous - and I really like the yarn you used for the adorable hat.

  4. Yours is the most adorable bunny family I have ever seen!

  5. Granny habits, I love it and that is why I love Tasha too!! Clarice


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