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Tasha Tuesday

Although I'm not sure if she ever used the word, Tasha Tudor was definitely something of an Anglophile. Tea time was a timeless part of her day, in a country where we'd long ago worn our our welcome with the tradition (anyone remember all that tea we threw into the harbor? Ah, yes...) Tasha was always a strict observer of the ritual of tea, and also very fond of her beloved Corgi's and her British heritage. There are few names that are so very English as Tudor (Henry VIII, yes?) I can imagine that when she visited Great Britain in the 1950s it was a bit like coming home.

I love the idea of tea time, but I've never really adhered to it. I'd love to hear from some of my U.K. friends about how it is properly done. I do love tea, but you might gasp in horror to know that all the tea I'd been drinking was iced until well into adulthood. Hot tea, around here anyway (where it is currently 105* out) was really only for when you were sick or had a crummy sore throat. And the whole 'milk in tea' thing seems strange, but I'm game. A friend of mine recently sent me some fancy Prince of Wales tea and it was really good.

And really, I love the idea of a snack and a drink midday ;) scones, cookies (biscuits?) all that fancy stuff.

Do you observe tea time? What are your favorite tea time treats? I'd love to hear about it, and perhaps learn a little too :)

*Above photo of Tasha Tudor by Richard Brown as featured in "The Private World of Tasha Tudor" (Which I've noticed is on sale for less than half price! I so so recommend adding this book to your library if you dont have it.

* To find out more about Tasha Tudor, visit her family's site


  1. Dear Heather,

    We do try to observe tea time, but the cleaning up before and after, with lots of little ones, can be daunting! Evangeline recently invited me to an "animal tea" that was quite lovely, with lots of rats, squirrels, and bears. We usually do mint plus something not quite so yummy, and use coconut cream and stevia (dairy and sugar intolerance, you know ;) ). I think just doing whatever you can is fun!



  2. Thanks Marqueta! your family is so adorable, I can just imagine you all at tea time. I love that you have an Audrey AND a Tasha too!~

  3. Oh so happy you enjoyed it! Nat and I are still having tea here and it does help that summer so far has been quite cool. But it's true, who doesn't love biscuits and scones in the middle of the day! You can take a look ay my Kindred Gathering blog for some other tea ideas at http://kindredgathering.posterous.com. It's for my group of lady friends that meet once a month for tea and friendship!

  4. P.S. Marqueta, that is so adorably cute, love love love!

  5. I was born & (partially) raised in Ireland, we had tea time there, too! I'm still a huge tea fanatic. Growing up, we usually had teatime in the evening, a couple of hours after dinner, while the whole family was still awake and sitting around the fire. Every night around 8pm my mom brewed a pot of black tea, which I drank with lots of milk. And the tea was accompanied by some light bedtime snack, either toast with butter & orange marmalade, or biscuits like this:


    Then of course we drank tea all throughout the rest of the day, too.

    The biggest mistake I notice most Americans make with tea is not using hot enough water. Black tea should always be made with boiling water, immediately after it's taken off the heat. (Water for green tea should be slightly cooler, but that's a different story.)

  6. I have been drinking more tea lately, but never in an official "tea time" manner. It would be SO fun to do, however. :) I do love British traditions. :) And I adore cream in my tea. :)


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