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Tasha Tuesday

This morning over breakfast I thumbed through my copy of "Tasha Tudor's Garden" and sighed. There is certainly nothing so lush and green anywhere near these parts this year. I wonder if, well surely she did, if Tasha had to go through a year of bad gardening. I'm sure it irritated her greatly, but she got through it with plans for the next year.

This has been a hard summer around here for flora, fauna, and people in general. On the evening news they show graphs of the states and the level of drought swathed across it in angry tones of red and I wonder "what is the difference between 'sever drought' and 'exceptional drought.' We need better adjectives." But I know what it means for my yard--- dead lawn and a front garden that looks like a sad row of old cornstalks in November! I've made the decision to just cut everything down, give it a good water and mulch and bid it adieu until next year. It makes no sense to keep watering when so many neighboring communities are on water restriction. There comes a time when even pretty roses are frivolous.

But I do have some things still hanging on! I took a picture of my dainty pink rose that climbs up the back porch post. The color reminds me of the soft pink often found in Tasha's garden. She had such an eye for color! I hope some day I can make it up to Vermont and take a garden tour. According to the Tasha family blog, they have added portions of her home to the tour this year! Doesnt that sound wonderful? I'd love to see that tiny little house packed to the brim with antique treasures in person. Have you ever toured the garden at Corgi Cottage? I'd love to hear about it!

Well, until the coolness of fall comes I'll keep dreaming of greener and gentler summers. If you're experiencing this terrible heat, you're in my thoughts! It's wearying, I know. Boy do I!
Lets just hang in there. And put on a copy of Take Peace too cool down if necessary ;) 6 feet of snow on a Vermont Christmas Eve sounds wonderful about now ;)

The book featured in today's Tasha Tuesday is "Tasha Tudor's Garden" by Tovah Martin, photography by Richard Brown. For more information about Tasha Tudor, check out the family website HERE.


  1. I have this book too oh how I love Tasha Tudor,,thankyou so much for your kind words,,this was a beautiful post, thankyou for sharing this, I'm sorry for the dry summer,, but at least you have your rose!

  2. Welcome, Laurie! Always glad to meet another Tasha fan :) and yes, I do still have the rose!

  3. I live in Queensland, Australia, and have managed to find 2nd-hand two Tasha Tudor books so far- I love the sweetness and innocence of her artwork and admire her for the amazing life she lived.
    I'm also loving the white dress on the girl in the photo above. She has hair just like our 9 year old daughter.

  4. Hi Heather,
    (I finally broke the "comment code" Hee ;-D

    Lovely Roses!!!
    I just love that Garden Book, it is always an uplifter for me in the winter months when it is gray and dark all the time in my area ;-D
    My garden is a dry over heated sad affair too. And sadly so neglected because I have been packing to move. (I feel so guilty when I look out side) I think I will tend to it tomorrow.

    Well I enjoyed my Tasha Tues visit, Blessings, Linnie

  5. yay! we got it figured out, Linnie! I'm so glad :) and I saw your new place and I soooo love it! you lucky duck. all that history. gorgeous. I just keep thinking 'next year is another chance, another garden.'

  6. Hi, Heather. Thanks so much for the encouraging comment on my blog post about the value of handmade. :) I love your artwork! I've heard other crafters talking about shows and finding their right niche and audience...that's something I've got to work on, I think. :) Thankfully my parents have an extra table so I don't have to pay anything to set up at our farmer's market. I've only done one actual craft show so far, last fall. I did fairly well, because even though it was in a rural area, it draws in a big crowd from our surrounding area. I'm hoping to go again this fall, as well as maybe trying some new shows. :) But that's what I love about Etsy- most of the people who shop there love supporting handmade! Anyway, thanks again for the advice!


  7. No heat wave here anymore, thank goodness! I'm spending the day in Boston tomorrow and it's supposed to be 80 degrees. Perfect! I just mapquested it and it seems I'm only 65 miles from Tasha's cottage! I'm definitely going to check it out.

  8. Tasha Tudor is new to me, I must look out for her books.

    How horrible to have such drought. We are not doing too well for rain here in Wales and I have lost some of my hanging baskets to hubby's forgetfulness - they need watering every day when it's so dry and that's his job! - but it is nothing like you are suffering over there. I hope you get some cool rain soon :)

  9. GORGEOUS!! <3 oh I love this post.

  10. Just stopping a few people's blogs who I've seen comment on some of my posts, to let you know that my url has changed- If you want to resubscribe to my blog head over to http://ohsweetdarlin.blogspot.com and do just that! Thank you!

  11. I love that book, too! Tasha was certainly a master gardener. I can only imagine walking through her beautiful gardens with her.


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