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Ballet Pink

Don't you just love when inspiration arrives literally right at your doorstep? Or at least as far as the mailbox?

That happened to me the other day with the J. Crew catalog. Oh, how I love those clothes even though they're way too expensive and its way too hot to even consider any of the fall items listed there. But I love a good catalog. And I was thrilled when I received the September issue and it was covered in ballerinas! From Russia! In J. Crew sweaters and tutus! Goodness gracious....

I love the gentle dreamy colors of these photos. The contrast of deep darks and delicate lights are something I really want to get into more with my own art. For so long I have been entrenched in extremely dark moody hues, which I love, but we all need a change sometimes and the truth is, dark tone on tones are so difficult to capture in reproductions. I've found that my paintings that use lighter colors seem to pop so much more in print and postcard form.

So, with these pretty little ballerinas in mind, I'm eager to explore new palettes. Should be fun!~


  1. I love your latest blonde beauty. Very timeless indeed. I also love the scratched out tintype on your WWMID? blog. So very interesting. I remember the first few days of both my babes in school. I was totally LOST without them. It is funny how you get so use to movement and sound all around you. Keeping a thought in your mind without interuption is hard to get use to. It took me awhile to figure out how to work like that, but it is amazing how much you can get done once you DO get use to it. Wait until you go shopping alone with no one to talk to (or scold ;)). It is weird. Hee hee.

  2. I would LOVE to see your work all done in pale, pretty colors. Promise you'll show us? But don't you be tempting me to spend all my Indie monies at your booth... ;-)~

  3. What a lovely way of styling the catalogue! I love everything to do with ballet... I want some ballet shoes just to wear around the house so I can pretend to be a graceful dancer.

  4. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with when you "lighten up"!

  5. Ooh, I shall wait excitedly to see where your inspiration takes you :D

  6. I have not seen this catalog but what a fun take on fall. I can see why it inspires you and cannot to see what you are up to xoxo Clarice

  7. A BEAUTIFUL catalogue and post......I tried to reply earlier by the way, but the comments box was not working, but here I am now!
    Have a WONDERFUL weekend Heather ~ I will contact you over the w/end with photos as discussed!

  8. What gorgeous inspiration! Can't wait to see where your muse takes you with it! :)


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