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Christmas Card Design~ The Bird Guardian

I just finished this little Christmas painting the other day, The Bird Guardian. I don't know why, but I connect snow scenes with birds so often in my paintings. They're just such lovely spots of color during a colorless season I suppose. And we must remember to help the little birdies, when pickins are slim, so to speak, during the wintertime.

She may look slightly familiar because this painting is a variation of a favorite painting of mine from last winter, The Cardinal's Carol. Except this one lends itself better to standard card size and features blue birds.

My plan is to create several Christmas Postcard designs and then offer you, my lovely readers in all far flung and nearby regions, a chance to be able to place preorders for the exact amount of cards you'd like. It will sort of be like Audrey Eclectic mail order! Now wont that be handy?

Starting in about 2 weeks an epic change will happen here at this little home art studio. My baby, who I've been at home with for the past four years, will be headed off to school full time. She'll put on her little uniform, grab her backpack and a nap roll (good luck to the teacher who tries to get this child to nap!) and will be off to big kid school. It's going to be quite a change, and will also let me focus on my art as a full time job. I have to say, I'm really really looking forward to it. And this fall is shaping up to be so jam packed with things, I'm going to need several hours a day to get done all I plan to get done. Lets just hope my eyes aren't bigger than my paintbrush ;)

Have a good weekend and stay cool!~


  1. O-M-G! I LOVE it Heather! I JUST love it.....I also wanted to ask of I could commission you to design a banner for mus blog? I think your style would fit my blog perfectly!
    I love that card.....

  2. PS: I remember when I sent my baby off to school.....it gets easier as the days go by, and they are VERY resilient, more than we are, I wept and she pranced off to meet new friends!

  3. In a former work life I was a kindergarten teacher for a short time. The first day was always harder on the mum's and dad's than the kids. I remember one father crying his heart out as his little one merry pranced into the classroom. It's a pretty momentous time for a parent. Letting the little birds fly:)

    P.S. my youngest son didn't nap either

  4. Karen, I think that would be a very fun commission! We'll have to brainstorm on a painting that will unite both France and the UK, and of course include your love of cooking!

    And really, I'm not sad about her going to school. I'm actually quite excited ;) she went to preschool a couple of days a week for the past several months, so we dipped out toe in what its like to 'do school.' And I know she loves kids and usually adores her teachers so school is going to be great fun for her. All in all, I know it will be wonderful for us both, but a big adjustment too!

  5. I love the Christmas card idea. Your bird guardian is just lovely. I think you are on to something in that birds are a flash of color and resilience in the deep of Winter for us.

    As a lifelong very independent unschoooling homeschooler, I wish you and your little angel much success as you undertake this new chapter in your life together...I am sure you have chosen a school that will respect her artistic upbringing. I was not willing to send mine, but each path is definitely different. Blessings!

  6. Thanks Marilyn! I do feel really good about the school she will be going to. Some of my favorite teachers that I had growing up are teaching there now and the staff in general is really great (I used to be the town education reporter, so I got to know many of the local schools.) Its also a charter school with a focus on the arts, which I love :) I cant think of a better place for her actually :)

  7. More gorgeousness as ever Heather ... and the bird on her head reminds me of my grandmother's budgie Monty, who used to perch on her head and listen to the radio with her every evening!
    Seems like yesterday my lot started school ... but two have now completed MAs so it must be a tad longer than that ;) I'm sure your little one will have a ball :D

  8. That painting is so beautiful and speaks of christmas in the best possible way. I love it! I think the cards are a great idea.
    School is a huge transition for not only our child, but also ourselves. I found it rather strange at first, but it makes you both grow in your own ways.

  9. Heather, the The Bird Guardian is says Peace and calm....she is perfect for Christmas a card ;-D!
    Many Blessings Linnie

  10. Lovely art for your cards! You'll be needing lots of those for sure. It can be so difficult to find unique and pretty cards come Christmas time. I've been wanting to make cards, too, but I must confess - I'm clueless as to where to go to get them printed. Do you have any advice? I've seen you can do it online like at zazzle.com and such, but it seems better to do it locally - saves shipping, too. But I'm having a hard time figuring out what kind of place I need. Are you getting them screen printed or something? Oh, I'm so hopeless when it comes to getting artwork printed. LOL Any advice is much appreciated!!

  11. Yes, I can see this as a Christmas card--PERFECT!! (love the little one on her head :)

  12. Christmas already! But it sure looks lovely. You almost have me longing for capes and snow! I do love that season. Thank you for giving me a trip to winter wonderland on this rainy evening :)

    xo Inge - http://www.damselofdainty.com/blog/

  13. Heather, You put me in the winter spirit:) LOVE the colors, the whimsy, the romance you bring out so very well!! Warm wishes, thoughts, and prayers with you and Miss A as she makes the leap to school. I think she'll love it! And you'll love all those hours to make more beauty!!

  14. I love this card!! The colors are wonderful!!

    Any chance you will make any more "Anne?" I'm a collector of all things Anne and I was disappointed to see these were all gone (but not surprised). You really captured the spirit of her so well.

  15. Julia, aw I'm sorry you missed the Anne paintings! I'm sure I'll make more, and you can always commission your own Anne! :D

  16. I just discovered your blog.
    I love the way you use your colors boldly yet elegant at the same time.

    The little birds complete your composition.


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