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Tasha Tuesday

My husband always gets a gleam in his eye when I break out the Tasha Tudor cookbook and start talking meatloaf. Tasha's version of the dish is my own resident 'discerning eater's' favorite. Not sure if he'd eat any other version.

This time when I cooked it up (it has its own gravy! Lord, it's epic) I decided to pick my first okra crop and make that delectable southern favorite, fried okra. Only after I did this did I realize that you shouldn't do the picking bare-handed. The okra plants are a little stickery and hairy and make you feel all prickly and strange for a bit ;) ah well. Back to cooking!

This weekend I also made that blueberry custard pie I'd been dreaming about. I'm sure Tasha Tudor would have approved of it. It included an indecent amount of sugar (basically, pour berries in pie crust, them drown in sugar. Smother with a bit of egg, butter, flour and a bit more sugar. The end. Oh, and bake.) This was polished off just this evening. Many thanks to Marie for yet another wonderful English treat!

And speaking of English treats, my dashing bearded man showed up this evening with this random assortment of UK goodies. Just this weekend we became familiar with HP sauce at the local English pub. Of course, my eye went straight for the choclate drink! And yes, I did have a steaming cup while it was still triple digits outside ;) the things we do for our passions ;)

Also, thanks to all of you for your sweet comments about the magazine article. It just makes me so proud to be able to be a part of something like that. I wrote dozens and dozens of articles when I worked at the newspaper a few years ago, but there is just something so satisfying about the story being about your art and your creations. It's really a dream come true. And I appreciate each and every one of your kind thoughts and messages :)

Til next Tuesday...

Who is Tasha Tudor? Find out more HERE


  1. LOVE to see that HP sauce there and Cadbury's drinking chocolate too!

  2. I'm shocked you already have such beautiful okra with this weather! I know they love the heat but ours just aren't doing anything so I loaded up on some at Conrad's this weekend :) LOVE fresh okra!

  3. Oh, that pie looks divine! Mm, HP sauce, I must get some of that soon! It's really good on bacon sandwiches (or bacon 'butties' if you want to be really english, hehe). Yum!

  4. mmm that pie looks yummy!!
    Hp sauce is the best, there is no other 'brown sauce' better than hp in my opinion ;)

    Micki x

  5. Oh yum! I adore breaking out the cookbooks and making homemade treats of all kinds. Lately, I've had the yearning to get me an apron. That would really help with the domestic Tasha in me. :)


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