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Tasha Tuesday

Every artist needs a little corner to call their own, where they can create. I remember reading that my favorite artist, Tasha Tudor, world renowned and famous as she was, only used the end of her kitchen table and a little watercolor board for her studio. Imagine, so little space needed to create so many wonderful pieces of art!

I suppose I should count myself lucky to have an entire room (packed full as a little's mouse's nest) to create my work in. It is always on the edge of a disaster. I don't know how I do it. My art table is our old kitchen table, which is no small surface. Yet i manage to pile it so high that my actually work space is very modest.

You can see my Anne and Diana painting on the easel freshly finished in this photo :) that painting is now on its way to its new home in California. And the painting at work at the moment in the photo, just black paint and gesso, is Cecily, who is now finished and in the shop.

Do you have a work space all your own in your home? Are you a mess like me (I try, I really do, usually with unplanned cleaning and purging of scraps and old used up supplies late at night!) a bit of a mess, or are you one of those rare neat and tidy artists?

Anyhow, hope you have a wonderful Tasha Tuesday and are enjoying the Tasha posts :) I think I'll run the Tasha segments through August and then change things up with September as I am concocting some special plans for that month.

Til next time,

*Book featured in this post is The Private World of Tasha Tudor with photography and text by Richard Brown


  1. I LOVE the feel and look of your studio Heather ~ it is warm and buzzing with creativity.....full of colour and I love the way the light shines through.....I DO so love your Tasha Tuesday Posts!

  2. Dear Heather,

    I love your little studio, too! I don't know how Tasha did it; she was quite amazing! I have an art cupboard in our kitchen for my "studio", and it's quite the untidy thing most of the time!



  3. Well I have to admit I did not know who Tasha was until I started blogging so I quite enjoy Tasha Tuesday:)

  4. I love your little studio!

    I do have some studio space but it's really cold in there at the moment! So I store all of my things there but usually bring them inside to work with at the kitchen table. It's still nice having a place to keep everything though, even if I don't actually work out there~

  5. What a lovely cosy workspace :)

    I kinda have a workspace and I kinda don't ... it's the room that was my daughter's and that she still sleeps in when she's home. It doubles as a guest bedroom and 'trebles' as my study/studio. Which all kinda limits what I can do in there, but I love having it to reteat to :)

  6. Happy belated Tasha Tuesday! Believe it or not, my favorite workspace is the FLOOR! LOL I just love spreading out with all my materials. Although I like to sketch on the couch. Go figure!


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