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Tasha Tuesday

On this Tasha Tuesday it will be 100* outside. Not the best time to wear knits, but it seems to be what's on my mind! And if I started now, well, perhaps it will be finished by the time I even think about sitting fireside!

Last week I saw the new Jane Eyre for the first time. In fact, I think it releases as a DVD today! It is easily one of my top 'old timing inspiring' movies already. I love love love the mood and the costuming. I love these more modern renditions of classic stories, such as this and the newest Pride and Prejudice because it feels so real. Yes, there are the pretty dresses and the finery, but there's also the grime and soot, and dirty hems and simple clothes and knit wear--- ah, stop there! Knitwear :)

And what does my adoration of a gritted up Jane Eyre have to do with Tasha Tudor, you say? Well, I think Tasha would most heartily approve of it since the 1830s was an era she was particularly passionate about. Her costuming, in essence, is that of Jane Eyre. And in the movie and in Tasha's personal wardrobe was a very simple but so snug and comfortable looking little shoulder shawl.

Word on the knitting street is that other knitters have fallen for the 'Jane Shawl' (which might as well be the 'Tasha Shawl") and several patterns have popped up on Ravelry. I'd love to make one, but the patterns all look a bit complicated still. I think there is splicing involved and I have no earthly idea how that is done. Its times like this I wish I had a wise old knitting granny living next door-- you know, the kind who masterfully grows heirloom roses and cans vegetables and makes all her pastry from scratch and wants to teach me all her secrets ;) but, alas, that's not the case.

I know many of you friends are knitters, have you ever made a shawl? Perhaps even a Tasha shawl? Or would anyone be interested in doing some sort of knit-along to make the Jane shawl? Several of the ravelry patterns are free...if only I could read them and understand them ;) If anyone knows of a pattern for a shawl that is very easy to do (I'm not a helpless knitter, but hats and scarves seem to be where I'm at at the moment) I'd be grateful to be pointed in that direction!~

And also, happy to report that I seem to be on the mend! So thankful. This week is 'meet the teacher week' and I don't want to be remembered forever in her elementary career as 'the strange spotted mama' :)

Til next Tasha Tuesday,

Who is Tasha Tudor? Go here for more information~


  1. I'm so happy you enjoyed the latest Jane Eyre! I'm super excited about the DVD release today! :)

  2. Me too Ruth! In fact, I just went and bought it! Yay! I foresee lots of painting... :)

  3. Oh! I can't wait to see this movie!! (it never came to my town) :-0
    I would love to knit a Tasha shawl!! ;-D
    maybe I shall!

    Blessings Linnie

  4. I LOVE Jane Eyre, and Wuthering Heights too.......another great Tasha Tuesday post Heather!

  5. Here is one cast on 30 stitches, knit one row, then next row knit one, yarn over and knit the rest of the row. Just keep repeating, until you get the size you shawl want. Use a worsted weight yarn and size 6 needles. Easy. There are lots of youtubes on how to yarn over, it increases the shawl. It looks a lot like the Tasha shawl w/out all the work. Hey TTD is coming up !! xoxo Clarice

  6. Happy knitting, Heather! I could totally see you sporting a Tasha shawl. ;-)

  7. Ooh, I saw Jane Eyre when it first popped up at the Circle Cinema, and I LOVED it!

  8. I wish to buy that DVD, as well!!!! And thank you for pointing out the ravelry patterns. :) I promptly favorited a few. You should definitely try out the first Stitch n Bitch (I know weird title) for the basics on knitting a shawl. I think you might find it helpful. :) I am so glad you are feeling better - that is really great news! :) I think that Tasha Tudor book is out of print - that is one of the ones I am missing. Thanks for a great Tasha Tudor post!


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