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Tasha Tuesday

Hello and Happy Tasha Tuesday. As I mentioned a little while back, this will be my last Tasha Tuesday for the summer and then I'm going to take a little break. Don't fret though, it will be back as soon as things settle down here a bit. We're headed straight into show season and this will be my biggest one yet, with something tentatively planned each month well into wintertime.

On my mind today is Autumn. Especially a crisp and cool and romantically orange-tinged autumn as photographed by Richard Brown at Corgi Cottage. Autumn is my favorite season-- it contains both my birthday and anniversary and thanks to so many 'back to schools' it always feels like a season of fresh starts instead of an ending. I admit too, I will be very glad when this brutal summer is over and done with. The scorching temperatures made life pretty miserable, and nearly every appliance in my house decided to up and die. Just today we had the leaking washing machine fixed and I'm expecting a new dishwasher to be delivered this afternoon. We've been handwashing dishes for the past 6 weeks or so, and it's gotten very tiresome. I know Tasha didn't mind doing things like that by hand, but I am all for helpful appliances :) What a luxury it will be to just put the dishes in a contraption and have them get washed!

Today I'm painting fall scenes with old timey girls, and I have my trusty The Private World of Tasha Tudor out turned to the photo shown at the top of this post as inspiration. It looks so breezy and crisp and lovely in those photos, doesn't it? I can't wait til it's an autumn world here.

Do you have a soft spot for fall? What is your favorite part of the season?


  1. i love fall!
    my favorite part is bringing out all of my warmer clothes :)

  2. Autumn is my favourite season Heather ~ seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness....burgeoning berries and hedgerow treats, I love it.
    We had a corgi when I was little, he was a black and tan one and I love him to bits.
    Love Karen

  3. I am an autumn girl in heart and soul! It was always my favorite season and I look back at my Ohio autumns with such fondness. Although the autumns in Holland are not as color filled, they are truly beautiful. I already picked up a large green pumpkin to use with a heather arrangement (love of the Brontes creeps in once again)in my planter by our front door. I also have a ghord on my front entrance table. I must admit I rush this season but we have had fall weather since the beginning of July so it fits. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. I definitely DO have a soft spot for fall!!!! I love EVERYTHING about it...the chill in the air, being able to wear sweaters, apple cider donuts, country fairs, pumpkins, brightly colored fall leaves, Halloween...ok, I'll stop here! LOL I will eagerly await the return of Tasha Tuesdays next season!

  5. Oooo, I LOVE fall!!! I love everything about it: the coolness, the smells of leaves and fresh air, the pumpkins and cinnamon breads and apples and cider. How could one not LOVE fall!!! And I LOVE that picture of Tasha...so pretty!


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