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Tea with Mr. Rochester

I've been pondering Mr.Rochester from Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre for a while now, and finally after some urging on etsy I decided to go ahead and make a Mr.Rochester design in my mugs. I think he came out quite brooding and handsome, which is a hard balance to strike!

The front of the mug features our tortured yet dashing hero and on the back a quote from the Bronte book: "Do you think me handsome?" Well, of course!

You can find this mug on a made to order basis now in my shop. Hope you like him!~ He's already garnered quite a nice response and was even featured on the blog Book Talk and More today! That's a nice debut, don't you think?

More to show you soon....


  1. Your mugs are brilliant. Freaking brilliant!

  2. I love him! I do think he is handsome, and would look very nice filled with coffee! Hehe~

  3. Love this! I have a passion for all things Bronte and find there is so little interest in them. I am working on the idea of creating my own special Bronte sampler in 2012.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. I have always been secretly in love with Mr Rochester, and yes,brooding and handsome sum him up as well as quietly strong......LOVELY representation of him Heather.

  5. Dear Heather,

    Yes, yes, he does look very brooding and handsome! Good job! I've only read the condensed version of "Jane Eyre;" you've reminded me to hunt up a better copy for myself. :)



  6. I'm so excited about this new mug!!! :)

  7. Oh this is so sweet! He is rather dashing!!! :) Congrats on the feature, too. :)


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