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A Commission

I wanted to share with you a special commissioned piece that I just finished up. This little painting is for Karen at the blog Lavender & Lovage, where she writes about her adventures in making amazing food at the bed and breakfast she runs in the south of France, as well as at her home in North Yorkshire, UK.

This painting, if you look closely, represents both countries (France with its lavender fields on the left, the UK with a cottage garden and brambles of lovage on the right) and an old fashioned lady mailing off her correspondence between the two lands in the center.

I think it came out really nicely and it was created with the intention of becoming the blog's new banner. You can see/read more about it all on Lavender & Lovage, and also get inspired by some great food with a dash of history and a lot of beauty. It's become one of my favorite daily reads!

Ah, as for today...it will be a blissful 79* for the high! Which means that the windows will all be flung open as I work on a few new paintings. I've got one nearly finished of a girl and a pumpkin, what a shocker that is, haha. I've got a lot of work to do in these coming weeks, not only do I have Indie Emporium at the end of the month, but I'm going to be the featured artist at Deep Fork Wood Grill & Sea Food in OKC from November-January! And I start teaching a weekly painting class for teens in mid-October. And that's really just the start of everything ;)

So, see, yes....busy fall. Gotta paint. Hope you have a wonderful week with some nice cool temperatures where you are. I desperately wish that all this rain falling on the east coast would come round to poor Texas and Oklahoma. We're just parched.

Til next time...


  1. very very nice-love how you've incorporated both england and france :)

  2. I already saw this beauty over at Karen's blog. It's just gorgeous Heather ... love, love, love it!

    Good luck with all your upcoming crafty endeavours :)

  3. I cannot thank you enough for this painting Heather ~ not only will it grace my blog, but I plan on propping it up in my Kitchen too.....it will lend a folksy feel to my very Provence kitchen.
    Thanks so much for your kind words, I enjoy my daily ramblings, as well as my daily recipes...so, my blog is a way to relax and share news, food and photos of where I live and what I am cooking/doing!
    Have a great day.

  4. PS: Good luck with your upcoming events!

  5. It's beautiful. I agree with andreacreates, I like how you have incorporated England and France so smoothly.

  6. It's wonderful and I am sure will be well loved in it's new home :)

  7. Oh Heather, this si a really special piece you did. I love it!! xoxo Clarice

  8. Pretty! I love the little scrolly flourish on the top edge, too.

  9. thanks everyone! Im glad you like it :D I wish I could tag along with it on its trip home to France :)

  10. Your commissioned piece is so gorgeous. :) Thanks for sharing it. I know you will do so well at your shows. The work you've been producing is awesome.


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