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Halloween Girls + Giveaway Winner!~

It's friday! And do you know what that means? I wont make you wait....The giveaway winner for this week is.....Annie! Thanks to all who entered :) I loved all your comments. But don't fret if you didn't win this go-round! My next giveaway will be posted on Monday! And it's going to be a great one!

Now, as for art....

These two little paintings are what I've been working on the past couple of days. Oh, how I love halloween! The painting of the old fashioned woman holding the jack 'o lantern is "Pumpkin Town." Can you see the rolling fields of pumpkins growing behind the little village in the distance? and I tried out some stylized trees in a funny scale. That's what I love about folk art. Scale? Proportion? Attention to detail? Bah! Who needs it? This is art! hehehe....

Then this weekend I watched Practical Magic for the first time in years, and it inspired the little painting "The Witchy Sisters." I worked the sketch while watching the movie, and later Audrey 'finished' the sketch by coloring it. I need to post a photo of it. It's hilarious!

Now that the weather has changed (thank goodness!) I am so in the mood for sweet and spooky things and all the fun that goes with autumn. Bring on the pumpkin patches! The scarecrows! The ghosts! Apple cider! Pumpkin pie! Pumpkin anything! (I'm looking at you, Starbucks pumpkin spice frappuccino....)

What's your favorite thing about autumn?


  1. Congratulations Annie!!

    I love the halloween paintings, the sides are finished off perfectly!!

  2. That's a tough question because what isn't there to love about autumn? I can't wait to get back to OK so I can see the trees change color and experience the crisp, cool weather. I love the local pumpkin patches, and like you, anything pumpkin! I'm also a Halloween fiend, and I start scouring the stores for decorations in August. My house is decorated for Autumn and Halloween all year round...that's how much I love it. :)

    And I absolutely love these new paintings! Wish I could make it to the indie show.

  3. Thank you both!~

    The Red Head-- I will be at Deluxe this December, didn't we meet there? At any rate, if you're in Oklahoma by then (Dec. 7) come stop by!~

  4. A BIG HEARTY Congratulations to Annie and those Halloween paintings are BRILLIANT Heather!

  5. Beautiful Heather!

    Congratulations to Annie! :)

    maria b.

  6. Oops, I fibbed! Deluxe is Dec.10!~!

  7. The paintings are lovely! I really like all the details like the the backgrounds and the designs on the sides.
    Autumn is a really nice season isn't it, so many things to like about it, the colors, the pumpkins, the chilly mornings, too many to name.

  8. ah dang. i need to keep up better, I didn't even realize a giveaway was going on! .

    also- may i please just say that i LOVE practical magic.
    so much.
    autumn is my very favorite holiday ever. scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin anything really. the color mustard, leaves changing colors and falling, mittens.. A better question would be- what do you NOT love about autumn, to which my answer would be- nothing!!
    :) I LOVE IT ALL!

    love your new paintings.
    I love the windblown braid in the first one. :) I love that about autumn too. except my braids are always wind blown.. so..

  9. eep! just noticed your new header too! gorgeous, of course!

  10. Oh goodness, I actually won something !!! Thank you so much Heather :D I'm all jump up and down excited now !

    I don't have one favourite autumn thing, because Autumn is my favourite thing!

  11. Well done Anie how exciting I think everyone would be happy to have any of your art work Heather

  12. Oh my goodness, these are both so amazingly fabulous!! I absolutely love them. They are so perfectly fall and halloweeny, which is everything I love about this season. I think I quite adore it all. I'm thinking this week is time to bust out the Fall decorations, woohoo. Gosh, it looks like you are constantly inspired. And Practical Magic is one of my all time faves, great movie, I also love The Others, it's a bit chilling, haunting and I love the old time charm. Have a fantastic weekend. :)

  13. Heather! I LOVE your new paintings! It is so funny - when I first saw the second painting "Practical Magic" came to mind before I even read what you wrote! :) One of my favorite movies! :) Congrats to Annie on winning your giveaway! :)


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