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It's September! Let's Celebrate!

Hurray! We made it! It is officially September 1st! This is a special time that I have been looking forward to all summer, especially when it was 114* outside :) Fall is just around the bend. While its still triple digits here, a 'cold front' is supposed to come at the beginning of the week and knock us down into the eighties (the eighties?! I'll need a sweater!) and its the start of my most favorite season and my birthday month!

This wont be just any old birthday either. On September 23-- which this year is also the official calender start of autumn-- I will turn 30. I am excited! How utterly grown up! I will feel so mature :) 29 is such an ambivalent age. I know that traditionally 30 is supposed to be a stress inducing birthday, but I see no reason for that. I am a million times more happy, content, and sure of myself than I ever was at 20. At 30 I have a family, a home, and a chance to follow my artist dreams. Yes, 30 is infinitely better than 20 ever was!

And since this month seems to be one of such fresh starts and beginnings and a wonderful season I thought it was high time to throw a month long blog party. What do you say? There will be giveaways galore! And some fun artsy interviews! As well as lots of info about new art and upcoming shows. It'll be fun!~ So stay tuned!~


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  2. i had to delete the last comment-it seems i can't spell anymore,lol.
    can't wait to see what you have in store for the blog party...
    my birthday's in september too :)

  3. OOh sounds like fun :)

    I wasn't stressed at all when I turned 30 even though a lot of my friends were who turned 30 in the same year. That said when I turned 31 I realized that I was now 'in' my 30's rather than just thirty and for some reason that was worse lol ;) (I am now 36 and totally over it)

    Bring on the celebrations I say ;o)

    Micki x

  4. sounds so much fun, and yes, 30 is better!

  5. Woo hoo! Sounds great to me! :o)

  6. Ooh, what fun ... can't wait to see what you have in store!

    Enjoy 30, it's a good age and one I left behind somewhat longer ago than I'm happy with!

  7. I LOVE parties, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!
    30 is indeed a great age, I loved being in my 30's.......
    See you later.

  8. Can I come to the party too? xx

  9. 30 is a big milestone...glad to be part of the celebration...count me in!

  10. Happy begining of September!! This is my favorite time too. Life is gets better in your 30's xox Clarice

  11. Happy September! My birthday is right after yours. I loved turning 30 - I had no qualms about it, either. :) And I'll be quite glad to have some cooler weather return. I'm very ready for it. Fall is awesome! I can't wait to help you with a month-long celebration. :)

  12. I think that sounds absolutely splendid. Fall is a truly magical time of the year and celebrating it, is a wonderful idea! Happy Birthday too. Many of the close people in my life are September and October birthdays. I seem to be drawn to all things Fall. :) The thirties are definitely a wonderful season.


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