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The Vagabonds

"The Vagabonds", although I didn't know that was their title til they were done, has been in my imagination for a good long while. I knew it should be a large scale painting, and I had an idea for an old-timey, music themed portrait. I didn't know they'd be at the traveling show (see the carnival in the background?) until the background was going in. Funny how that works. But it just seemed meant to be.

I don't do a lot of large scale work, but this fall I'm going to be doing a couple of gallery events, which always call for some larger pieces, and these larger paintings always look great at shows, even if they're rarely purchased. People just aren't going to a craft show to drop a few hundred dollars on a large painting ;)

I really like how these two came out and have an idea in my mind for a large companion painting. I cant wait for people to view it in person! I even took the sand paper to it (as always!) and roughed it up a bit. Can you see the worn edges?

Another cool morning here and I am eager to start the day. I've got a couple of really sweet halloween paintings almost ready to show you. I'll give you a hint-- one involves pumpkins, the other a pair of witchy sisters. You'll have to come back to see them!~

Hope you like the new painting,


  1. What a very interesting couple! I can't wait to see your witchy sisters. I love getting my ghosty girl out every fall!

  2. What a wonderful and atmospheric painting Heather, it is lovely!

  3. i love them! i love his beard and her fur.. and the carnival in the background..

    oh my. you always make me so happy!

    I wanted to stop and let you know about a giveaway on my blog! Collected Thread is hosting it for their 3rd birthday! It's really cute sweater clips- if you're interested!

  4. I love the rich vintage feel of your paintings simply stunning ....... I know you love period dramas etc in a couple of weeks im going to chatsworth house which was used to film some of pride and prejudice its not far from where i live so i will take lots of lovely photos and do a post about it have a lovely day Heather .. Claire xx

  5. Gorgeous!

    I'm so disappointed that I'll be out of the state for Indie Emporium. Do you to come to OKC at any point? Seems like you told me you did, but I've lost the date.

  6. Oh this is wonderful! For some reason these two reminded me of the film Water for Elephants -- I think they'd fit very comfortably in that world. :)

  7. Ohh, I love these too. I guess I just love all of your art work. It's so folksy and whimsical, sigh!!!

  8. I love it, Heather. I can just imagine the cool music these two make. :) Very vibrant. :)


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