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I'm back in the saddle with my art work and it's nice to be getting things done. I wanted to share with you this latest painting that I finished before we left last week, my "Dashing Young Sir." I made him as a companion to my other traditional Americana style portrait "Susannah and Mercy Butler" and I think they look nice hanging together.
I plan on taking both these paintings out to Blue Heron Antique Shop soon so that they can hang out with all the real antiques and look generally sweet and charming. Hopefully they'll call out to someone as well and get a new home!
I also started on a few little dolls for upcoming shows, and its been forever since I've made some dolls! Maybe even a year? I just had the urge to make some as a fun change. Here they are all sewn up and prepped for the fun painting, sunning themselves on the back porch.
Of course all this was overseen by Henry, the art dog, who quite frankly was more interested in chewing on rocks than me prepping dolls and canvas on the porch. I caught a photo of him giving me 'the Elvis face.' He's now passed out at my feet, having worked so hard ;)

Well, back to work! Can't wait to show you all my projects when they're done...


  1. Ah lovely! It's good to see what you are up to. Those dolls intrigue me. I'm looking forward to having a glimpse of them when they are finished. (I'm fascinated by dollmaking, you see.)

  2. Oh he does look dashing! :=)


  3. Oh my goodness Henry is making my heart swoon! What a little cutie-pie-character he is! That Elvis smile is just too precious for words!

    Can't wait to see your dollies and so happy to see you painting and feeling happy.

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. The new portrait is very charming, and they are so lovely together!

  5. How fun! I love looking at your new work! It's like Christmas morning :)

  6. He's wonderful, I love the background colour on these 2 paintings.

  7. As always, love your paintings. The art dolls are really cool, can't wait to see them finished. Your dog is adorable.
    Also, I saw your previous post. I love Eureka Springs, my hub and I went there once and it was one of the most wonderful trips. I love the artsyness of that place, it was really a great place to visit. It makes for a very nice getaway and a revival of inspiration.

  8. SO lovely to see your projects in motion and also your sweet little doggy too! Glad to see you back again! Karen

  9. Those paintings DO look absolutely lovely together!!!! Like something you would see in a historic home...you can create a story of their lives!!! :) That is some photo of Henry...it made me smile! I ADORE that look on his cute face. And I'm excited to see you are making dollies again! I know they will look beautiful. Have a great weekend!


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