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Tasha Tuesday

Well, hello there! And welcome~
I'm happy to report that after a bit of a summer hiatus, the tradition of Tasha Tuesdays here at Audrey Eclectic is now officially back to celebrate one of my favorite artists--- Tasha Tudor.

If you're new and haven't read my Tasha Tudor series before, I hope that you'll be in for a treat and perhaps grow to appreciate her as well. Although she's now gone, Tasha's influence on many American artists, gardeners, foodies and free thinking spirits is still very alive and well. Born in the early 20th century in New England, she cultivated for herself a life that was inspired by all her passions--- history, early American life, gardening, writing, painting, animals and what we'd now call 'off the grid rural homestead life.' If you'd like to learn more about her, there are many beautiful books about her life and work, as well as a website and museum that is run by her family.

I've been thinking about Tasha more lately as the season slowly mellows into fall, and then quickly behind it, the Christmas season. We're now reaching those days that start with chill and fog--- I hadn't seen fog in so many months I'd almost forgotten it existed until this past Sunday when the world was suddenly a ghostly gray.

Fall is also a good time for teas, and Tasha was an avid lover of tea time in the English style. For my birthday I received a canister of Harney & Son's "Royal Wedding Tea" and it is so good and rather fancy! I dont think I've ever had such fancy tea-- with its gauzy tea bags filled with loose leaves and petals. Of course I had to drink it out of a fancy cup as well.

It's also a time of harvesting and a time for nestling in. If you've ever seen photos of Tasha Tudor's home, you know that it was perfect for nestling! So filled with old treasures, sweet furry creatures, and lots of knitwear. All of which I love.

Too soon this season of brilliant colors will be over and we'll start sinking into the waning colors of winter until a brilliant blanket of snow comes to liven up the world. It will probably be many months still before we see any snow out here on the prairie-- and I'm curious to see if we have another blizzard and determined that this time we will be ready for it! No more clearing snow with the garden shovel for me ;)

I hope that you have a beautiful Tuesday and take a moment to enjoy a quiet moment of peace.
Happy Tasha Tuesday,

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  1. Oh I love Tasha Tuesday.I have two books of hers and the pages are so worn, I keep them close and look at them so often.She is a woman i so admire.Her talnets her skills and strong values.She really was a wonder,, thanks for sharing,, thats a lovely tea you have,,

  2. I have that awesome teacup too! :) I wonder if B&N still has the Wedding Tea...

  3. Yeaaaaaay! Tasha Tuesday!
    I have been re-reading "Drawn From New England"
    and I am relating to moving at the same age as she did when she moved to Vermont!
    We didn't have heat for a long time,I am digging up a lot of my garden friends, and my barn animals are coming and stuff like that ;-)
    (although... I am not sleeping out in the horse stall)!!
    The tea looks cozy good!
    Hugs Blessings and Love, Linnie

  4. Happy Tasha Tudor Day! I'm so happy it's back! We recently discovered Harney & Sons Tea...my hubby is really happy with the selection. We tried to grow some bottle neck gourds but they all died! :( However, we had a lovely surprise - a little mini pumpkin grew! I plucked it just the other day and have it on my mantle. :)

  5. Tasha Tudor Day...how very lovely! I cherish my TT volume from childhood...it is so delightful re-read, especially with a cup of tea alongside (in a pretty cup surely.) Thank you for the inspiration Heather....as snowflakes should arrive on the morrow.

    Wishing you a cozy day...


  6. It is pumpkin moonshine time!! We have been making beeswax candles and that always makes me think of Tasha. Clarice


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