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Candle Light Prayers

This is a little painting that I just put the finishing touches on yesterday. I've called it "Candle Light Prayers." I think it's one of my most special Christmas paintings yet, because there are so many little things going on, so much pattern and color but also meaning and significance.

One thing I love about making pictures is creating stories. And I think this piece is rich in story. When I made it, I had in mind a mother and a daughter celebrating a quiet Christmas Eve in a little rustic cabin. They light a special candle holder that is only brought out for special occasions that casts a comforting yellow gold over beloved family icons. From these little flames they also light their own candles and with each created flame they say a little prayer.

Perhaps they are deep in the forests of Russia, or perhaps they are pioneers in a new land recreating rituals from home on a special night. The meaning and the occasion, really, is up to your imagination. And I like that.

I hope this reminds you of your own special and quiet rituals and brings to mind a more simply celebrated holiday.


  1. It's beautiful and symbolic Heather. I love your style and it is wonderful to weave a story for others to share albeit with words, threads, music, or in your case, paints and paintbrushes.

    You are a lucky lady to be able to spin a tale so well.

  2. oh wow-i really like this one. it looks like it belongs in a christmas book ;)
    love all the details!

  3. beautiful, love the setting you set in my mind,, ( does that make sense), lol,, its beautiful anyway,,

  4. I love it! The mothers expression is beautiful! I'm imagining that they made the candles they're lighting together...love all the details too.
    Happy Week,

  5. Everything is so pretty and I love the little girl's headscarf!!

  6. I have admired your blog and artwork for awhile now, your paintings are beautiful! They always remind me of the book series, "Love Comes Softly," By Janette Oke. They are alot like Little House on the Prarie. I think you would love them!

  7. The detail is just wonderful, Heather. This is such a fully realized scene. You should definitely consider it for a Christmas card design next year!

  8. It's beautiful .
    Your style is adorable.

  9. This painting is bringing such joy to our family, and we are honored to have it in our home. Thank you Heather, and Merry Christmas!


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