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Tasha Tuesday

Yesterday we visited a pumpkin patch where the pumpkins were, to us, incidental. We wanted to get our hands on some adorable goats and sheep!

I cant help but think of Tasha Tudor when I see funny little goats and creatures such as these. They have such personality! And their eyes! I just want to cuddle and kiss them. Yes, goats. I think my little one feels the same.

Are you an animal lover? What little creature tugs at your heart every time you see it? I think anything furry and the least bit cuddly looking gets me every time ;)

Happy Tasha Tuesday!~


  1. Cute goats! I have a thing about sheep, it's the woolly connection!

  2. I would love to have land where I could have some goats and sheep! Just a few. And maybe a pony. For my son, not for me :)

  3. I do find goats to be pretty adorable- especially the ones with long, floppy ears. Alpacas are ridiculously cute too. This is making me want a farm! I do have a herding dog now....

  4. I ADORE goats! They are my favorite at country fairs. I would so love to own some!


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