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Tasha Tuesday

It's early on a Tuesday morning and its wet and dreary. The sky is dark, everything is dark and damp, but the autumn foliage looks bright and brilliant against all this autumn wet. Things have been restless around here lately--- not feeling good, and now we've had three nights of strange rumbling earthquakes, and to top it off last night we had tornado warnings and an earthquake. Oklahoma is getting more than its fair share of strangeness right now!

In light of all this, I felt it was more than appropriate to put a larger amount of whipped cream in my coffee this morning :) I'm sure Tasha would have recommended it ;) In the dim light, I've been thumbing through my copy of "Forever Christmas" featuring the beautiful Christmas celebrations at Corgi Cottage to get inspired for a handmade Christmas.

Tasha Tudor always said she began her Christmas prep and gift making in June. Well, perhaps some day I'll be that on top of things, but for now November is my best start :) I've decided that I am going to try my very best to make all the gifts we give this year. Not only is it more economical, but hopefully more special to the receiver! I've already concocted lots of plans, and am scheming up a little something for a little girl that I can work on while she's at school. Parenthood is a wonderful chance to rediscover the magic of Christmas, and with four children of her own, I'm sure my favorite artist Tasha Tudor spent a great deal of time thinking of ways to make the holiday special for her young ones. Because the act of planning and making and revealing a wonderful holiday to a child is perhaps even more fun than Christmas as a child.

Do you make any handmade items for Christmas? Or have you ever received anything handmade that was so very special to you? Do tell.....


*Book images are "Forever Christmas" By Harry Davis, photographed by Jay Paul


  1. I'm going to make a lot of our gifts too this year, and even the ones I'm not making myself are still handmade. I think it makes the holiday season seem so much more special and old-fashioned to do it that way. Happy Tuesday!

  2. I wish you a lot of fun with all your Christmas preparations.

  3. Yes, I do Heather. In fact, I try for all my gifts to be handmade. Only the ones that go to my sons are not...they prefer electronics :(



  4. Fabulous photos and I have been preserving and baking since September for Christmas!

  5. Sorry to hear about all the strange weather and such in your area, it has to be a bit unsettling. Planning for Christmas does seem like the best way to find some comfort.
    I love making handmade gifts (for the people that will appreciate them). I'm determined to have it all done by the end of November so December can just be about decorating, and baking and enjoying the holidays with my family.

  6. Pretty pictures!
    I've started xmas shopping. Wanted to get the decorations out, but thought it was too early. maybe not! lol. I made my mom and son a scarf a couple years ago. I love handmade things!

  7. Our finances are really tight this year - for a number of reasons. We are definitely going to try and make as many goodies for family as possible. It's better that way anyhow! :)


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