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Tasha Tuesday

Tasha Tudor, photo by Richard Brown
This Tuesday I thought it would be fun to do a little Tasha Tudor Fashion Feature. Because autumn and winter are both perfect times to bring out your inner Tasha with perhaps a more modern twist. While vintage clothes are nice, it's hard to find items that fit, are affordable and can stand daily use. Therefore I like to use more modern pieces, because it's not as hard as one might think to bring a little old fashioned homesteading granny to life in a 21st century wardrobe.

Tasha was big on natural fibers, knitwear, layers (and more layers) and homespun accessories. Oh, and critters too, so you can never go wrong with a bunny or a goat or some such other adorable animal to accent your inner old timeyness. Go on...you know you want to ;)

* Fingerless Gloves from Klose Knit
*Capelet an amazing thrifting find
* White blouse from Eddie Bauer
* Linen skirt from Eddie Bauer
* Lace up leather boots from Naturalizer
* Bunny born and bred on the prairie :)

To see more Tasha fashion inspiration, take a look at my Homespun and Prairie style file on pinterest! It cant help but inspire :)


  1. What a charming post! I love Tasha Tudor. Thank you for sharing your fashion accessories :)

  2. You look AMAZING!!! I am dying over those boots and those fingerless gloves. :) Great outfit!


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