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Tasha Tuesday

Hello my friends, and happy Tasha Tuesday!~
Our 70 degree beautiful day of yesterday is gone and replaced with a rude awakening in the 20s this morning. It's a day just made for knitwear. I wore my gray scarf out to do school drop off and it's amazing how warm something wool can keep you. Natural fibers are a wonderful thing!

I think perhaps my love for knitted things come from the fact that I love to layer and burrow in things like shawls and sweaters and blankets. I love being in a constant state of cuddled up. Because of this, I always wanted to knit a shawl but all the patterns I saw would make me cross-eyed. All I wanted was a simple, beginner's pattern. Thankfully, I did find one (again, youtube. What did I do before it existed? I am such a 'show me' learner. It's awesome) and started on it a few days ago.

From what I've seen in books, I think Tasha Tudor had quite the shawl collection. Perhaps she was a serial cuddler like myself. I love the scalloped edge she did on the red one she's shown wearing in "Forever Christmas" (Photos by Jay Paul, including the one above) but I'm not that fancy yet. I can't help but always wonder how did she find the time? How could she sit and knit and make all these things when there were animals to care for, and children too, and a writing and illustrating career to keep up with. I suppose the simple truth is, like with anyone, she just made time for the things she loved.

Are there things like that in your life? Little passions that you carve out moments for?

I havent gotten to the place where I'm able to knit at stoplights yet, haha, but I'm thinking I'll probably get there! We finished our recordings of Downton Abbey last night, so I got a good 3 hours work in on the shawl. I know its not perfect and will probably be a little blundered as I got more caught up in the show and forgot what row I was working on (did I do the yarn over row? Good question....) but I think it will serve it's purpose, and I'll be glad to have completed my first shawl!

I hope you take a little time to work on something you enjoy today. Go on, Tasha would want you to. It's Tasha Tuesday, after all :)


Who is Tasha Tudor? Find out more HERE


  1. such a beautiful post, I love your Tasha Tuesdays, i think she loved her cozy shawls,

  2. I'm watching the second season of Downton and I'm enjoying it very much. I also found the Christmas Special on YouTube but I won't watch that yet as it's set after the second season is finished:)

  3. I love this hairdo look!! And yes, I am following Downton Abby with great enthusiasm. It is really just the best!!! Your shaw looks so warm and inviting for the winter weather. And it does fit the style that Tasha Tudor would have favored. Thank you for a featuring Tasha on Tuesdays so that all of us who love her can share!!

  4. Reading novels and watching old movies are usually what I make time for. Never seems like enough time for everything! Like who has time for cleaning?

    Downton Abbey is total awesomeness. Can't wait for the next episode!

  5. I'm so happy you started your shawl. Looking good so far. Red is such a great color for winter. I've not seen any of Downton Abbey - can you believe that? I need to start watching soon!

  6. I think the majority of knitting work was completed in the winter months, when outdoor chores were at a minimum.

    I live in south Texas, where there really is no "down time" throughout the seasons...sometimes I daydream of a winter season, snuggled in the house...


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