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Tasha Tuesday

It may be the last day of January, but it feels suspiciously like spring around here. I've been out running errands with no coat. I can walk the dog with no mittens or hat and it's very seductive to start feeling like it's only mere moments from the time when the daffodils will pop up.

At this point in the year, with winter 2/3 over (and this year, with no real winter at all!) I like to start thumbing through seed catalogs and gardening books, something I know Tasha Tudor and her brood were fond of as well. When the sky is still gray and the earth is still sleeping, it's fun to think about what can happen in the next few months, when all the things that are bare will be green and beautiful again.

This is a strange spring for me, with our house for sale. I honestly don't know where I'll be planting a spring garden, or if things will happen in a way that will keep me from planting all together. Although I'm sure I'll do some container planting if I dont get the chance to plant a real bed.
I really hope the coming summer is kinder, after 2011's summer was so brutal (brutal seems to be my favorite word to describe it) and I lost a majority of the vegetables I'd so painstakingly ordered and planted and tried to keep alive.

Luckily, there always seems to be another chance. Another season. I'm looking forward to the chances of 2012.

Happy Tasha Tuesday,


  1. woooow those flowers are really pretty!

    love the colour of them! x


  2. you have had a mild winter,, watch out, it may have a big blast yet!!
    Such exciting times a new house!Best wishes on your new home, its just waiting for you to find it!

  3. I'm ready for spring. I'm always ready for spring at this time of year then we usually get another blast of winter.
    Here's to 2012 and all the changes and new adventures that will come with it!

  4. In Florida, it is looking like spring with azaleas starting to bloom and redbud trees all turning pink! But I agree with Heather's worry.... Does this foretell another long blistering hot summer????? Oh these daffodils remind me of my Mom's plantings by the front steps !! I imagine that Tasha's yard was a sea of yellow in the Vermont May!

  5. Oh daffodils. They get me every time. I remember in that book how Tasha talks about planting bazillions of daffodil bulbs. Its so lovely to see them popping up in early spring.

    I hope you get your garden! I'd love to start one since this will be our first year in a house with a backyard! We have a baby on the way due in early May, so all my attention will be on keeping him nurtured and alive. :) Who knows if I can manage to do the same with veggies and flowers!

  6. Winter has been really weird this year. I keep thinking it's spring. Thanks for the reminder that I need to order seeds for my herb garden. I hope this summer is kinder, as well. My poor plants had a very hard time of it with the unending 100-degree days.

    Good luck with the house hunt!

  7. OH that it felt like spring here Heather! I awoke to minus 5 degree here today, but LOOK at your daffodils, LOVELY!

  8. Just to clarify--- this isnt my house, I wish! This is a photo of Tasha Tudor's home in Vermont :)

  9. Selling your home at any time of the year is so filled with stress but also with anticipation.

    I like your outlook. If you can not plant a full bed then containers will do nicely.

    Praying that everything goes well as your home is being looked over and talked about among many that visit.

    Grace & Peace to you Heather,


  10. I do hope that things go well with the sale of your sweet home. And that you will plant a beautiful garden that grows and grows - whereever that garden may be. :)


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