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Vintage Style: Edwardian in the Modern Era

As you guys know, at the moment I've got a serious crush on Edwardian style (thanks, Downton Abbey) and although I love the lace, the velvet, the beautiful detail and rich fabrics, I know that if you tried to dress head-to-toe Edwardian, it would look rather costumey. But if you love it, there has to be a modern twist to it. And I found that twist when I visited Harriett and Aimee's blog "Bright Young Twins."

These two looks are just gorgeous, but with a decidedly modern edge. This, my friends, is how you do Edwardian in 2012! I particularly love the pairing of slacks with a decadent Edwardian top, and love the wild and beautiful hair paired with dark lip color. They really got it right!

And as for my American friends....we're still in the middle of season 2 on Downton Abbey. The latest episode was last night and good grief....the drama never stops! I loved Mary's head to toe red velvet traveling jacket and hat but I cant help but hope that Mrs. Bates and Sir Richard meet mysterious and tragic ends. How Anna keeps from snatching Mrs. Bates bald-headed is beyond me... ;)

Happy Monday my friends! And many thanks to Aimee and Harriett at Bright Young Twins for letting me show off their photos! They've got amazing and timeless style!~


  1. i love this era too!(i posted about one of mine today ; as well ;)
    i started watching downton abbey on netflix last week but didn't get a chance to finish the first episode- i'll have to get back to that :)

  2. Last night's episode made me sad. :-( I hope things start looking up! I really want to push Vera under a train.

    Bright Young Twins is such a fun blog.

  3. The beauty of dressing the old fashioned way~ breathtaking clothes & hairstyles~ it would take me all day to get ready~giggles~
    have a wonderful day

  4. I have Downton Abby fever!!!! My hair is too short to wear these great styles but I love the clothes. They were so stylish while highlighting the person's best features. It was an amazing era because so many changes socially were starting and happening.

  5. wow they look incredibly charming. amazing finds!!


  6. Ooh! That dark lip color is amazing. It makes the whole outfit work. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Oh wow! These looks are so fabulous!!!! Thank you for sharing the link!

  8. Oh wow! These looks are so fabulous!!!! Thank you for sharing the link!

  9. I love the edwardian era and the victorian era as well.Women knew how to dress so beautifully back then didn't they.I'm trying to make a pattern that combines the old with the new in a bohemian style.Those pants are just fantastic.


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