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False Spring

It's February turned April around here. Although it is a bit colder now, I've got bulbs sprouting and last year's lettuce that I've been neglecting seems to be out in full regalia. The rabbits have lived comfortably all winter in the hutch my dad helped me make them out of an old dog house. They lounge and watch the birds in the yard and probably make snide comments under their breath when those silly dogs come out to frolic.

I'm still doing my best to eat more simply and healthfully with less meat. My favorite soup of the season seems to be french onion soup which is so, so easy. It also involves cheese, which is also a plus! My good friend Jenny gave me this large mug with Forget-Me-Nots on it for Christmas. When I saw it, I thought "now there's a soup mug!"

I had meant to be packing the store full of originals this year, and that's still my goal! I've just had some other projects come up first thing. I did add one of my favorite little paintings, Adalaide, to the shop yesterday though. She's very pretty and so perfect for spring. I try not to have favorites when it comes to art, but she really is. She's got light springtime colors, but there's also a rich darkness to the piece as well, with lots of good aged crackle (you know I love the crackle. You can see more about the painting HERE.

Anyhow...Good news! I'm going to pick up the Little House prints today, plus more that I will add to the shop as well. Can't wait to share all the new things with you!~

EDIT: New prints now listed in the SHOP! Including the Little House prints! :D


  1. We have been getting a tease of spring here too and have been enjoying every minute of it.

    The french onion soup looks yummy!

  2. I am a sucker for pretty mugs and I cannot wait for flowers and a garden full of yummy fresh foods!

  3. Adalaide is beautiful. And oh my goodness I love French Onion Soup. I'm going to have to go make some! We had snow yesterday, so I guess winter is back...

  4. Beautiful painting Heather! I also love the photo of the sweet bunnies, they remind me of Spring and happy times to come. We have had so little snow this year that I fear some of my plants may put in an appearance ahead of time to their detriment. I hope I am wrong.....
    Let's keep happy thoughts only!
    Tina xo

  5. oh I wish we had just a hint of spring here!!
    It's snowing again and the snow from last week is still rock hard and icy on the ground!!
    I love your girly and I love your soup mug too!!!


  6. We have been having an early spring but then coler weather is headed back this weekend for north central Florida. So, who knows what is going on! Adalaide is beautiful and that onion soup looks so inviting in your soup mug!2012 seems to be off to a very exciting start!

  7. How wonderful Heather! Yes, these days are just teasers :)

    By the way, the lovely doily that you are sharing in your picture is the one similar to mine...it is gracing my computer table :)

    Be blessed,


  8. Adalaide is SO lovely!! What a beautiful painting!
    Yes, we're having confusing weather here, too. Cold, warm, cold, warm and little snow, and some plants are pushing up already!
    French onion soup is my favorite!

  9. Hooray the prints are in at Etsy and I was able to order one for my daughter's birthday!!Thank-you Heather!!!

  10. As a veggie I always miss out on French Onion soup ... I think I need to find me a meat stock free recipe, yours looks so tempting :D

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. We've had a very mild winter in the UK until a week ago and we've had nothing but snow since. Your rabbits are so cute. We have two Rex rabbits, they're brothers but we had to separate them in to a hutch of their own as they fight. I'm going to have a look at you previous posts now, I want to see if you've got pictures of your Cavies, they're such wonderful dogs, aren't they?

  12. So beautiful - just love your faces.

  13. Adalaide is so lovely! I really like her - she looks so sweet. These photos are so wonderful - your bunnies are quite possibly the cutest things ever. :)


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