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Now that my daughter is nearing 5, I decided to see if she'd like to start reading the Little House books. So the other night I asked her about it and we settled down with Little House in the Big Woods to start with.
It's interesting to be the Mama in the reading of these books. I was an older child when I got into them, and could read them to myself. It was a little funny then, because I hadnt remembered how Little House in the Big Woods really starts out--- mainly, the first chapter is all about animal slaughter ;) killing dear, saving a pig from being eaten by a bear, and then turning around and killing the pig and the gory details of how all the pieces of the animal are made into food. I'd be lying if I said I didn't skip around a bit as some of it was...a little much for a 5 year old ;) and one who for better or for worse, isn't intimately familiar with where her chicken nuggets come from, or that people actually eat deer. Those pretty little doe-eyed creatures that frolic in fields or pull Christmas time sleighs... To Audrey, deer are more or less decorative. I hope Little House in the Big Woods wasn't too much of shock ;)

But I suppose it wasn't because she asked to read more the next night and thankfully Laura moved on from a play-by-play of critter killin' and eating and went on to other things like Jack Frost and close-calls with panthers. I hope she continues to like the books though, because then she'll have much more fun when she's dragged to various Little House sites. I hope that it will become something we can love together, because that would be so much fun.

And speaking of Little House things...I did finish that painting that was shown as a work in progress the other day...

This is a little school scene with Laura and Carrie. I always related to 'big sister' Laura because I too was a big sister. I think having Carrie to protect and look after made Laura more brave and determined. And I admit, I always wished for a time when the only supplies I needed for school was a tablet and maybe one book instead of a backpack that weighed 50 pounds. It seemed more romantic....and easier on the back, lol. At least I never had to tramp home from school in a blizzard, though. Although Laura made it sound so exciting, didn't she?

Hope you enjoy the latest painting...have a good weekend,


  1. Oh! I've been reading the "Little House" books to my kiddos too (though they're a bit older!) and it makes me absolutely GIDDY when they ask for the next chapter every night! And it's like a new discovery for me, too! And just remember, your little one will get something different EVERY time she reads it...what a blessing that her introduction to the joys of all things Ingalls came from her Momma! :)

  2. What a beautiful picture Heather!

    Your daughter will truly enjoy those stories...I did not find about them until I moved to this country. By then, I was not into reading until my 40's. Now I am reading them to my daughter :)


  3. I remember falling in Love with Little House when I was 8 years old - our teacher read it out loud in class. Then I had my mom buy it for me. Now I don't really recall if my teacher left out these gory details, too. LOL It didn't stop me from loving the book, though. :) Glad little Audrey is taking an interest. :) Your new painting is just so wonderful - perfectly prairie-like!

  4. What a treasured time it shall be to spend "story time" with your daughter...especially with the Little House books. A family friend gave me "Little House in the Big Woods" when I was a wee thing. Best of all, the book was accompanied by a hand-written letter from Laura Ingalls herself!
    I recollect many delightful hours reading the series over and over with my Mum...and feel certain that your Dearest shall always remember cherished times spent with HER Mum exploring the tales of long ago.

    Wishing you happy times between the pages, as well as creating your lovely paintings!


  5. It's such a special time cosying up reading together. I've never read the Little House books, but I used to love watching the programmes on tv when I was little, they're not on anymore but I've recently discovered that they're on DVD, I might just have to buy them.

  6. My oldest daughter started reading them when she was 12 and we purchased the whole set for her.She took them off to Uni with her.

    The painting is so beautiful.

  7. I think it's just so sweet that you and your little girl are enjoying some of your favorite childhood books together. I'm sure she'll grow up to be like her mama in many ways. And the new painting is a beaut! I'm loving the braided pigtails, a personal favorite when it comes to hairstyles. ;-)

  8. How exciting to read Little House in the Big Woods with your daughter! My mom read that one to me when I was around Audrey's age.

  9. Okay, apparently Audrey and Roxy are fairly close in age, and since it seems we could possibly be kindred spirits ;) we may need to get the girls together. Not sure how close we are, but if it's doable...


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