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Snow Day

I peeked out the window at dawn today and wondered if this was going to be our brief interlude with winter. A little crust of snow fell in the night, and school was cancelled due to slippery rural bus routes. It's very gray outside, and chilly. I still need to brave the morning to go out to feed the rabbits. But it will be in the 50s tomorrow, so the thaw isn't far behind. Wondering if this will truly be
it, before spring comes to stay.

I still have the red shawl to knit and a small dog always ready and willing to cuddle. There are things I need to do of course, but its so hard on a cold and sleepy day. Especially with my girl home from school.

Hope you're safe and warm today. Perhaps you even have snow?


  1. Those days are so surprising. Snow visited us this past weekend! It was so pretty and magical. Now the sun is shinning, which it is just as beautiful :-)

    Have a peaceful day!


  2. Yay, glad you've finally had a snow day. Make the most of it if it's going to thaw so quickly!!

  3. Just a dusting on the ground here in Pennsylvania, although I'm longing for a snowstorm. Your pup is just adorable!

    ♥ Carolee

  4. We got the same weather system last night! I guess winter is finally here. Love your photos and have a fun snow day!

  5. I'm glad you finally got some snow, even if it's only a little bit.
    Enjoy it and have a cozy day!

  6. Hello Heather!

    Your little dog is SO sweet! When you are next in touch please let me know how old he is. Does he sleep through the night? Ours doesn't yet.

    Ahh, snow! I'm glad your daughter has had, what I think should be, a compulsory day off school due to snow. Children should have at least one a year. We are entering our third week of snow which is really unusual for this part of France. Today for the first time we have had temperatures above 0°C.

    Thinking of you.


  7. Oh how I'd love a snow day! We've hardly had a flake of snow this winter here in Wales, very unusual ... I think Stephanie must have our share.

    Knitting and cuddling a dog ... the most perfect ways to pass time :D

  8. We finally had our first snow today as well.The children took one look and said "cant we stay home"..There faces were a bit long cause we are townee's now and they have school as long as it's not to bad.

    If we didn't get any snow it wouldn't really feel like we had a proper winter.

  9. snow day...completely unknown to me.

    sounds wonderful - for a short bit of time - just long enough to knit and enjoy a cup of cocoa.

    enjoy your day:-)

  10. Our snow has finally melted today, not before time. Your puppy is so cute, as is your bigger doggy, Cavaliers are always ready for a cuddle. Stay warm and enjoy your snow day.

  11. Snow would be a welcome change from the rain. We did have some sunshine over the weekend though, and it was wonderful. Love your pictures Heather, they look so cozy. :)
    Happy ♥ day tomorrow!

  12. I was surprised to look outside and see snow on the ground here in Kansas.. can't remember the last time we saw snow ;)

  13. lovely! we're never ever having snow in this country... :(


  14. I love the color of your shawl. Can't wait to see it finished. :) And your sweet pup is just soooo darn cute. We haven't had any snow in a few weeks, but there is a CHANCE on Sunday...we shall see.


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