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Tasha Tuesday

Like clockwork, it never fails. It gets to be late February and the promise of approaching spring has me digging through my gardening books and dreaming of a summer when everything isn't burning to bits in the relentless heat--- but green and lush and bountiful. It's the time to lose myself in Tasha's garden.

I dream of a yard with trees. With pretty wild gardens and blooms in impossibly large heaps turning their faces to the sun. I love the dark earthy greens and browns offsetting the delicate yellows and pinks and blues.

For now I will enjoy the little pot of daffodils on the kitchen table, and watch as the fresh green leaves of my bulbs pop up in my little garden, and hope that perhaps the snows and hard frosts just decided not to come this year. It's uneasy to have a winter that never came. But I hope spring comes in full force. I am ready.

Happy Tasha Tuesday.

*Book photographed in this post is "Tasha Tudor's Garden"


  1. i was just thinking this morning-it's soon time to plant some veggies for the garden again!

    we haven't had much snow either- but it's been just(more than) enough for me :) we didn't even get out the snow shovels this season!

  2. For sure this has been a mild winter for us down here in Florida too. I believe that Tasha planted volumes of daffodils in many varieties at her home. Somehow I think I read that in one of her publications. I just love daffodils with their bright yellow.... Sheer happiness!! Heather do you have any spring paintings that show off daffodils??

  3. We've had very little snow. My parsley has stayed awake this winter and is growing away in a sheltered spot...a little touch of green

  4. Hello Heather! I have been looking at the very same book recently. It looks like we have the same dreams. Monty Don writes in his Ivington Diaries that his wife Sarah's birthday - 15th February marks the beginning of spring for him and consequently marks the first day he starts serious work in his garden.


    ps I don't know if you are aware I am having a giveaway at the moment which I think might appeal to you.

  5. The bright yellow daffodils are so pretty and cheery. It's pouring rain here, I may have to go find some for my table to add a little spring color.

  6. Its uneasy to have a winter that never came, I love those words.

  7. Love daffodils! They are so cheerful. I can't wait for homegrown tomatoes!

  8. @ Andrea Creates-- I know! I bought a snow shovel this past fall, so proud of myself...and then nothing! It must have been the shovel that caused the lack of snow ;)

    @ Winnie-- Always nice to hear from you! Yes, Tasha had epic amounts of daffodils at her home. They remind me of her now. I dont think I have an daffodil paintings, but that can be easily remedied! hehe...

  9. @ Mary Ann-- I have several herbs and plants that have stayed green all winter too. I actually have a couple of mounds of hollyhocks that I bought as seeds from Tasha Tudor and Family that have stayed out all winter! Its amazing!

    @ Laurie-- thank you so much :D

  10. @ Millefleure-- Great minds must indeed think alike! Its such a pretty book, isnt it? Thanks for telling me about the giveaway too! I love those!

    @ Sidereal Day-- I got mine at the grocery store, and it was so worth it to get a little spring color in the house

    @ Kelsey-- I love them too! I cant wait for vegetables and herbs too~

  11. They are truly lovely! :) We are starting to see daffodil sproutlings in the yard. But no signs of flowers yet. I bought paperwhites, but my hubby still hasn't cleared out my vases yet. Drats!


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