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These are a few of my favorite things...

When the dog bites! When the bee stings! When your house doesn't sell....

Thanks for indulging me a bit yesterday. I've just been really down about the house situation, but I do know that I am very lucky for so many reasons, and there are so many things that I love that are around me all the time that I need to enjoy instead of fretting. Things like....

1. Fuzzy little creatures! At the moment we have 3 rabbits and two dogs. This is a photo of one of the tiny rabbits from our litter last winter. Audrey is holding him, this was the little gray one. What a sweet boy he was! I was glad, though, that all the baby buns except the one we kept found good homes.

2. Good books. The only downside is that there will never be enough time in life for me to read all the wonderful books there are, as well as reread my favorites. I can always give it my best shot, though! I am enamored with the Brontes, and love my copy of The Secret Garden illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Right now I'm reading a biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery and its fascinating. I love old timey ladies and old timey books.

3. I love the Ozarks and this is my favorite haunted hotel. Yes, I do have a favorite! If it were possible to do wedding do-overs I think I'd have a halloween wedding here. We actually visited this place on our honeymoon and took the ghost tour on Halloween night. Did I mention that my husband is a very good sport?

4) Downton Abbey. Of course. I admit, this is my go-to self medication for a bad mood. The clothes! The house! The colors! The love stories! The social portraits! I love it all. Sure, it is a soap opera. But its the best made soap opera I've ever seen. And the characters are so well written and played. No one is a flat 'good guy' or 'bad guy.' They've all got their good and dark sides. I find myself rooting for O'Brien and Thomas to find their way, get over themselves, and be happy and behave. And thank goodness Mary and Matthew got together. One less thing to fret about ;)

5) Spooky stuff. I love spooky stuff. A little sweet, a little macabre. I love slightly creepy old photos. Vintage style halloween decor. I don't much care for gruesome, but I do enjoy something a little spine tingling. That's why I love halloween. That's why our wedding was so close to that holiday, in fact. So we could always enjoy it!

6) Homey things. I love wild vines, cottage gardens, laundry on the line and a nice clear blue day. This photo was from over the summer, its so nice to see my backyard in its lush and green state. Now the gourds that were on the fence have been picked and are hanging on the porch to dry. They're coming along nicely!
7) A good book and nice hot drink. I admit, I can drink cocoa and coffee year round, at any time of day or night. There's just something so nice and comforting about it. I also enjoy curling up with a nice big book with beautiful photos and writing. I'm a visual person, so I think it's so inspiring.
8) Knitted pretty things. I love to knit. I wish I was better at it. I make a lot of mistakes. But I love yarn so much. I always have high hopes for what it will become! I'm still working on my shawl, hopefully I'll finish it before its the middle of summer! I love the soft gray of this yarn and the scarf is one of my favorites. Love a good seed stitch.
I also love being able to come here to this little blog and share with you the things I create and the things that capture my fancy and imagination at the time. The truth is, I'm a bit of a shy person. But that doesn't matter when I'm sharing with you all here and you're all so nice and supportive. It's a pleasure to talk with you and share with you. I wanted to let you know, too, that I plan to make more of an effort to respond to each of your comments on each particular post. I've done that for the last couple of posts and I intent to keep it up as best I can. I think we'll have an even better rapport then.

And as always, thank you for stopping by to see me. It makes me happy. Come again soon!~


  1. I share a love of some of your favourite things too. Your rabbit is so cute, they're such lovely animals. My dog loves our rabbits. He goes to their hutches and they sniff each other, and he does the same thing when they're in their runs. The Secret Garden is one of my favourite books. I remember my mum reading it to me when I was young, and I've read it to my own daughter. It's one of those books which is a delight to share. I'm looking forward to the next series of Downton Abbey, though I think we'll have quite a wait as I don't think it's back again until the autumn. I used to knit when I was young, then stopped when I got to my late teens. I only picked up my needles again a couple of years ago, but I'm loving it again.

  2. lovely list, I love coming here to read what you write, it makes my day.

  3. most of those are my favorites too!
    what a cute bunny-he doesn't even look real!
    have a super day heather~

  4. This ongoing conversation also reminds me of the Serenity Prayer and learning to accept the things we cannot change. Being impatient like you, but several decades further down the road, I am always reminding myself to just be more present and stop taking on the angst of stuff I cannot change at the moment! And , I love Halloween !!! Not gruesome but a wee bit scary or prankish. My anniversary is 10/26 because I love all things fall and Halloween is my FAVORITE!!!! Who can resist the grin of a carved pumpkin on a darkened porch????? And followed by handouts of free chocolates??? How many more months????

  5. I'm a Spook lover also.. I think it is because my birthday is on Halloween :)

  6. Love your list, Heather.
    I do adore Downton Abbey and Halloween. Can i share how much I love Jane Eyre and Persuasion. I like to reread them both every couple of months.

  7. Halloween, Good Books and Downton Abbey are some of my very favorite things, too. Downton Abbey was wonderful this season - to think I was worried when I saw a review that said it wasn't as good as the first season. Not true, not true! I loved every minute of it. I agree the characters are great because they are more rounded and real. I often want Thomas to fall down a flight of stairs, though. He's so mean! But this season showed us a bit of vulnerability so I don't want him to die after falling down the stairs...maybe just break a leg or two. LOL

    And from one shy person to another - blogging is so freeing, isn't it? A wonderful way to share with the world even when you aren't the most extroverted person around. :)

    Now if only they'd hurry up with Downton Season 3!


  8. @ Jo: yes, the bunnies were real! They were so adorable too. It was great fun to watch them grow from little mouse looking bald things to bundles of cuddly fur. I'm very much looking forward to season 3 of Downton, you'll get it before we do!

    @Laurie-- thank you so much! I'm so glad you come by to visit me and make me part of your day :)

  9. @ Andrea Creates-- thank you :) I hope you have a great day as well!

    @Winnie-- I'm afraid these past few days have been in great need of the serenity prayer, and I am so bad about sitting back and relaxing. Its so hard! Oh, and our anniversary is the 29th! Its a beautiful time of year!

    @Shell- a halloween birthday! How fun! My birthday is in september, fall is the best season!

  10. Oops, the comment above was meant for Kelsey!

    @Shell-- I love Jane Eyre too. Its so moody and mysterious. I love the latest movie adaptation!

    @Nicki- haha, yes, I think Thomas deserves a tumble down the stairs. Especially in season 1, which Im rewatching. He is just wretched! I think he and O'Brien are getting better in season 2 though. Perhaps they'll be almost decent by season 3!

  11. Gosh, I forgot to add that I too was glued to Downton Abby and the last one was so good! It was so disappointing to realize that it will most likely be September before season 3 starts. Who can wait that long??? My friend at work, who has been loving this series too, and I were talking today . We decided that the ONLY good thing about the end of the season was that March is almost here and Mad 'Men starts!! Are some of you following this one? My friend took a big pink highlighter and circled March 22 and wrote Jon Hamm starts here!!! Lol!, The writer of Downton Abby said Mad Men was one of the shows he liked too which validates it even more for me. I am so worried about Anna and Bates. They so deserve a break!!! Please season 3, please????

  12. I love Mad Men! I can't believe we've waited so long for season 5, but it is one of my absolute favorites. A couple of years ago I even had a Mad Men birthday party and a friend of mine did my hair up in a beautiful bouffant! I am so looking forward to it, I wonder if crazy Don will really marry Megan.

    Although, at the moment, I am rather smitted with Downton. I hate to bring bad news, but it will probably be january 2013 before we see it, because it airs first in the UK. I cant wait to see the roaring 20s come to Downton though! what fun!

  13. I have to admit that I was a teenager during the 1960s and I wore a lot of those clothing and hair styles!At one time, I wore my hair like Peggy with the bangs, headband, and flipped up look. And the bouffant?? I have prom pictures to prove it !!LOL!!Watching Mad Men is like a review of my teen years and watching my older sisters. Ohyay, I am getting old! Yes, the roaring 20s at Downton will be delightful to watch. Say it is not true that it might be January 2013?

  14. This was a such a fun post! Sounds like it helped you feel a little better about the house situation, too. (I'm sure everything will work out!) No wonder I like your blog so much--I like the things you like! :-)

    P.S. I love Eureka Springs! We used to go there every year.

  15. I LOVE all of your favourite things and your new banner too! I have been so busy lately and I miss my trips here, plus one of my chickens is ill.....I am so worried about her, but I have LOVED my visit here today!

  16. Karen-- so sorry to hear about the chicken! Hope she starts to feel better. Come back and visit again!~

  17. I loved reading about your favorite things, Heather! You've inspired me to do something like this on my blog sometime soon! Your favorites are so warm and lovely - except for the spooky stuff - but that makes you unique!! I too have spent most of my life being a bit shy, and just love communicating with kindred souls through my blog!

  18. lovely books! i have that same copy of the secret garden, it was a gift from my best friend in gradeschool, and i love it too! and now i want to read the l.m. montgomery biography! that sounds so interesting.

  19. I got this copy of The Secret Garden when I was in grade school too! That's when I first read it and fell in love. I also loved the movie of The Secret Garden they made in the 90s. The LM Montgomery book is really good. It's so interesting to hear the story within the story!~

  20. Oh you have such beautiful taste! I love Tasha Tudor as well, and your bunny looks like such a lovely little soft furball of cuteness. And spooky stuff of course, because Halloween is just the best. I haven't watched Downton Abbey yet but I suppose I should? I keep hearing of its amazingness. Your knitting looks lovely by the way!


Each and every comment is appreciated! Thanks for coming to visit me :) ~Heather