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I like to surround myself with pretty. And bookish. And good to eat. And more pretty.

The photo above was yesterday's breakfast. I had a rather genius epiphany this week about the muesli I've been making-- I add just a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the honey mixture and ohhh....it all turns to chocolatey delight. It's fabulous. You have to try it.

I've also been in the mood to curl up with some gentle, old timey books and I'm rereading a biography on LM Montgomery that I've checked out of the library so many times I just went ahead and ordered my own copy. It's so good. I think when I'm done (again) I'd like to talk about LM Montgomery-- or "Maud"--as I've come to know her more in-depth because as cliche as it sounds...I feel like she's a kindred spirit. In the good and the bad aspects of her, I can see myself. It's an interesting perspective. Artistic temperaments are never dull!

I also checked out a volume from the library that combines Anne of the Island and Anne's House of Dreams. I think I read Anne of the Island in the 7th grade and its rather murky in my mind, and I dont think I've ever read Anne's House of Dreams. I've decided I'm going to immerse myself in this Montgomery kick (as I'm apt to do when I get enraptured with something) and try to read all the Anne books I haven't read. I've read the first one several times, but never pushed through to the others after I initially read them as a kid. I also have all the Emily books from around this seventh grade period (really, did I ever grow up? How am I 30, I still feel like a middle schooler?) and might reread them too. I know I liked them, but I can't remember a thing about them now.

And while in this dreamy, old timey world state of mind, I happened into a store by the craft store today and found this pretty little top that instantly reminded me of Downton Abbey and so instantly it was mine. Which is funny, because I'm not much of a clothes shopper. I'm more of a 'bi-annual clothes expedition' type shopper. But I just had to have this. It's so Lady Mary, don't you think?

Oh, and I've been meaning to ask you, have any of you tried the honey and spice mask I posted about the other day? I've been faithfully applying it each night (or morning if I forget) and I really like it! Its soothing and gentle. And a bit ridiculous how easy it is to make. I hope you've enjoyed it if you've given it a go!

Well, on the agenda today is the sewing of one Dorothy-style skirt for a little girl who has requested a Wizard of Oz themed birthday party. Her birthday always brings the daffodils and tulips, and its just around the bend!

Talk with you later,


  1. Oh, that top is lovely! Yes, I agree it looks very Downton Abby too. The literary journey sounds like fun and one I should consider doing. Believe me, it has been decades since many of those classic favorites were read. Imagine trying to remember when you are double your age??? Ohyey!

  2. Hi Heather,
    Oh how I have obsessed on LMM!
    HubbyBear took me and our three Doggies to
    Prince Edward Island some years back, and the memory of it still runs warm and clear through my blood.

    Ooooooooo to the blouse!!!! Ooooo
    (yes Downtown Abby)!!!

    As you surround yourself with all the oldish I suspect more
    Lovely paintings!! ;-)

    What a grand party that shall be!!
    well I'm off to see the wizard, and to ponder LMM.......

    Blessings Hugs and Love, Linnie

  3. Winnie, I think it will be a reading adventure we will both enjoy! Montgomery's work is so timeless. And the biography is really well written, not dull in the least and full of fascinating tidbits!

  4. @Linnie-
    Oh! A trip to PEI! That sounds so wonderful! I'd love to visit some day too (in the summer of course, haha) This past summer it was so wretchedly hot that I painted up some Anne paintings just to remember what a green and gentle summer was like. I know it must be so beautiful there!

  5. The top is gorgeous, I'm not a clothes shopper either, but I can see the attraction, so pretty. A Wizard of Oz themed birthday party sounds wonderful, I can't wait to hear more about it.

  6. I loved loved loved the Anne of Green Gables books. It's been much too long since I've read one, although I did read Looking for Anne of Green Gables a few summers ago. I don't blame you for trying to escape to PEI last summer--I hope we're not in for another scorcher this year.

    I still need to try the honey and spice mask and the barley water. I have to admit I'm a little worried about the cinnamon since my skin is so sensitive. I'll have to do a test patch!

  7. such lovely photos, and lovely words, I have almost the same blouse!
    I will have to give the cocoa trick a go.Thanks for sharing

  8. I second the notion of PEI. I got to breeze through the island in grad school and it's so lovely.

    I've tried the honey and spice mask and I really liked it. It left my skin clean-feeling and refreshed. I love the anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon and nutmeg - they're so good for you and delicious to boot!

  9. Anne's House of Dreams is my absolute favorite of all her books....it has in fact become a yearly tradition to reread it come springtime. This year, however, I'm going to turn my attention to the Emily series you wrote of. You see, with the recent conclusion of Downtown Abbey I was desperate for some new viewing entertainment and in my search through our library's DVD collection I stumbled upon the Emily of New Moon series. I am now officially addicted! Be very careful if you decide to watch one yourself...with more than 40 episodes the addiction can be quite time consumming! natalie jo

  10. Thanks Jo! I saw it and had to have it. It fits well too, which is nice ;) I like these modern takes on old styles because I dont have the help of a corset so squeeze into the vintage stuff!

  11. Lauren, I hope hope HOPE we dont have another scorching summer! I dont know if I can take it!

    And I wanted to tell you too that Im also sensitive to abrasive face cleaners-- I cant use the apricot scrub stuff, but I can use the honey spice stuff just fine. The nutmeg is a coarser grain than the cinnamon, so the cinnamon might be a good thing to start with if you're worried about it. Good luck! hope it turns out ok!

  12. Laurie-- you can never go wrong with adding cocoa, in my humble opinion! Hope you like it!

  13. Lucy- I'm glad to hear you like the mask! Its delicious too :) I need to go put mine on right now!

  14. Natalie Jo- Thanks for letting me know about the Emily series! I had no idea there was one (the tv series, not the books! I read the books) so I put it on my instant queue :) I'm ready to be sucked in!~!

  15. Heather, I agree...the top is just lovely :)


  16. That IS a beautiful top. :) I'm down for anything with chocolate in it - so I'll give it a go sometime. :) Lately, I have been liking plain yogurt topped with gluten-free granola and honey...yum!

  17. Okay, I may have to read LMM instead. I read Anne of Green Gables to my eldest daughter, Roxy, while she was in the womb. I didn't find them until I was 18 (my family were never big readers, but in 5th grade my best friend introduced me to Sweet Valley High and The Babysitter's Club and I've devoured them ever since, books that is) but every once in a while when I do something worthy my hubby will say, "Okay, Anne." I actually quite love it.
    And the top, gorgeous. Very, VERY Mary Crawford.


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