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Tasha Tuesday

Photos of Tasha Tudor out of the Tudor Family Collection

Happy Tasha Tuesday, and it's a rather dark and stormy and wet one here. The street lights are still on and the rain has been pouring since yesterday. We will be nestled inside all day I think.

Last Tasha Tuesday one of my readers mused about what young Tasha must have been like, so I thought I'd share a couple of photos I had in my 'Tasha File.' You can also see many other older photos of Tasha and her family in the book her daughter Bethany wrote'-- Drawn From New England-- if you can find it.

I feel fortunate to have that book and it is very pretty and gentle, I think the copy I got is an old library copy that showed up on Amazon. What I'd really like to find is a copy of Becky's Christmas, but so far, no luck!

I love these old photos of Tasha, they are so sweet and gentle and remind me that she started all that she was when she was my age, and younger. Remember, her family- thought no longer wealthy- had prominent standing in the Boston area and her mother expected her to do things like debut and go to society luncheons and events. Tasha would rather collect antiques and buy her own cow. She was definitely always marching to her own beat!

So, in honor of Tasha, I ask you to indulge a hobby or interest that may be out of fashion or out of step with the norm. If you love it, embrace it. It makes you uniquely you!~

Happy Tasha Tuesday,


  1. i like that-marching to your own beat !
    good luck with your book search :)

  2. beautiful post!

  3. Thanks, Andrea! I hope it gets published as a new edition, its very popular....but I dont have $80 to spend on a used copy ;)

  4. What a beautiful post, Heather.

    These are my very favorites of all the photos of Tasha. Isn't she just beautiful?

    I wish you luck with your book search~ I have Drawn From New England and love it.

    Off to go marching!!

    Happy Spring from snowy and rainy Deerfield Farm!

  5. I'm afraid I've always marched to my own beat...LOL

    Beautiful pictures. They both would make a lovely painting.

  6. I've never seen young Tasha before! How awesome. That breastfeeding pic must have been pretty daring in the 1930s!

  7. I too had never seen a picture do Tasha as a young woman. This photo is beautiful! Yes, it is hard to march to your own tune sometimes. I keep wondering which tune to march to???

  8. I especially love the picture of Tasha breastfeeding.

  9. Thanks for showing us pics of young Tasha I knew she would be beautiful I must go do more readng on her now.

  10. Just catching up here and somehow I missed these photographs. What a glorious celebration of life and motherhood that second image is!


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