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Things that Spring

A few mornings ago I woke up to find that the rabbits had escaped their hutch and had played long and hard before the sun came up, and when I found them at dawn they were flopped on the ground, resting and exhausted from all the frolicking that had occurred.

Rabbits are such funny little things!

The rabbit above is Lillibel, the baby of our brood. If you've never seen photos of our adventure with a litter of rabbits, you can visit here. It was very fun to watch them grow and become real rabbits, but afterward we had daddy-rabbit fixed so no more babies! I had the rare privilege of witnessing the birth and even seeing the babies nurse a time or two (rabbits are notoriously sneaky about these things) and we kept back one girl baby that looks just like her mama. In fact, I have to look hard at the two of them before I can tell them apart any more.

One thing is for sure, they are enjoying the greening up of things very much, as they are my professional weed eaters. I pick them a nice breakfast bouquet of dandelion, clover, random weeds, and lettuce each morning, they love it!

Hope the arrival of the new season has put a spring in your step and that you're enjoying the new greening of the world. I am so happy to see new leaves on the trees each morning, and things begin to bloom. It's like a little miracle each year, isn't it? Welcome, spring!~



  1. Rabbits are funny! We used to have three rabbits... Now we only have wild rabbits on our property.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! And, thank you for your very kind comment about my Blue Cat. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Well, in my neck of the woods it is Summer (Middle Georgia). The Bradford Pear flowers are long gone and the grass and clover is ready to be cut!

    But,...I do love Spring.

    Beautiful rabbit!

  3. We had a pet rabbit for 13 years. He was a lovely little thing. We also have wild rabbits that show up in the mornings at the bottom of the garden. It's pretty wild down there with lots of good munchies.

  4. Dear Heather,

    Those naughty bunnies! I'm glad they were safe during their romp. :)

    A happy spring to all!



  5. Aww I miss having rabbits! I had a Mini Rex named April, She had the most beautiful red velvet fur. I miss her!

  6. That bunny is the cutest thing! Thank goodness there were no cats or dogs about while the rabbits were on a frolic!! Here in Florida we are about bloomed out from spring as our warm winter just moved into an early spring! It was beautiful and quite lovely. Just hoping the awful heat and humidity don't arrive early too!

  7. Such a cute bunny! I like the idea of them as professional weed-eaters too, that's why I'd like to have rabbits someday :)

  8. My husband and I got a bunny for my oldest daughters (now 20)1st Easter.He lived to the ripe old age of 15 and then passed.I loved that rabbit and missed him for ages.We now have lots of wild rabbits which I really enjoy watching in the early mornings.

  9. Just looked at all your baby bunny photos. Crikey, cuteness overload, I'm grinning like a loon now ;-)

  10. She is such a sweetie. :) We had bunnies when I was growing up. :) I had one named Patches. And I remember a huge albino rabbit who had the loveliest red eyes. Spring continues to blossom here, too. So many pretty flowers and lots of GREEN. I am happy to see GREEN!

  11. We had a pet rabbit. He lived to be twelve because he was spoiled rotten. My mom gave him the entire breakfast room. Now I just enjoy all the rabbits in my yard--they're very very cute.


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