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Good Morning!~
Here we are, in April! I'm glad to see it, it means we've decidedly entered spring. Things are getting awfully springtimeish around here. My tulips are opening up and the living Easter basket (well, bowl) we planted is starting to blossom.

We've also been letting the rabbits out of their hutch to frolic and lounge. The photo above is our daddy-rabbit, Mr. Darcy. He looks a bit like a chocolate bunny, doesn't he? He's our sweetest one. Its those ornery girls who are always hatching escape plans. When they broke out of their hutch last time, he remained behind, uncertain of jumping out the back door, I'm sure.

How is your spring gardening going? Isn't it interesting to watch a garden wake up after winter? Although we really didn't have any snow...and some of my perennials just stayed green and quiet all winter, its good to see blooms. I've been feeding my roses some rose food in hopes of creating some monster blossoms when they finally open. They're budding now, can't wait to see the first one.

This time of year I always have epic plans about gardening. I've decided that our back patio will be an ode to Arizona, which we have visited a few times for my husband's work. Last time we drove, with Audrey in tow, and it was a big adventure. We really had a lot of fun. I always came back painting in really bold and desert inspired colors. I bought a few fancy potted aloe this weekend (blush and alligator, whodathought!) and put out my puny little cactus I bought in Scottsdale. I hope to add more desert plants, and I know that they at least wont fail me if it gets to 114 again this summer.

But anyhow....errands today and hopefully a little bit of painting! I'm glad you all are liking the newest folk art pieces! I can't wait to make more!~



  1. oh such a sweetie, beautiful post

  2. Mr. Darcy is adorable:)

    We are having a very strange spring. One moment we are roasting and the next moment we have snow. Yesterday we had hail. Mother Nature is very confused in our neck of the woods.

  3. Mr.Darcy is so sweet! I love the tulips blooming too. My Mom always hid several of the colored eggs inside her tulips during our annual egg hunt growing up. So sneaky!! So now tulips always remind me of Easter. And spring you say? Well Florida decided to start on that in February, we bloomed out already, and now temps this week to reach 90!!!! I think we are in for a very long hot summer!! Boo!!!

  4. thank you Laurie! Always good to have a visit from you :)

  5. Mary Ann, that is a very strange spring! Its like our winter never came. I really hope its not just hotter and hotter from here on out...

  6. Winnie, its been near 90 the last few days here too! Not a fan....I hope this doesnt bode for a terrible summer. It seems like it just jumps from 40 to 90, doesnt it?

  7. Your bunny makes me want to run out and get one right now! S o cute! Happy Spring!

  8. I love it that you have a bunny named Mr. Darcy! I've been thinking it's time to watch all five hours of Pride and Prejudice again. I really love the miniseries more than the book!

    You'll have to show us your Arizona patio. No kidding about the 114-degree weather. I hope it's not like that again! Oh, please!

  9. Thank you, Katie! Bunnies are fun :) they're pretty low-key animals :)

  10. Lauren,
    I think my favorite P&P is the newest movie version, although I know everyone is very loyal to their particular version :) I just think its so visually stunning and love that particular Mr. Darcy. The bunny Mr. Darcy is pretty sweet and cuddly himself :)

  11. Hi Heather,
    I LOVE Bunny man Mr Darcy!! He makes me miss my Angora Boy "Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny Ba---nneeeee" Yep that was his name hee!
    I like the basket/bowl garden!!
    and your Spring garden is looking MARVELOUS!!
    I'm enjoying to get to know the garden here. There are many bulbs pushing their way through and blooming! I believe some one once loved this secret garden, even though it was neglected by the renters for five years
    Blessings and Hugs, Linnie

  12. Such magical photos!!!! Happy April!!!


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