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Ballet Pink

    Lately I've been admiring the dainty color of ballet pink. I don't seem to paint much with it. This time of year, I always think "why don't I use more spring colors?" I'm thinking I need to :)

   I've also been admiring ballet art, especially since my little one is quite the dancer. I think, perhaps, she's found that thing that makes her heart sing, something she's been so natural at since she could toddle. We were always amazed at her sense of rhythm, and she's always had a flair for the dramatic.

   I've always admired dancers and ballerinas. I long loved the Degas dancers, and admire the art of ballet so much. I also love that dancers love knitwear, haha. Have you seen the film The Dancer on netflix? Its on instant queue now. The dancer features wears an entirely knitted body suit. I keep thinking "If I didn't have an ounce of body fat, I'd totally wear that too." :) I imagine as Audrey gets older I will be her little mama in the corner of the studio knitting leg warmers. Pink ones, of course.

   This pretty pale shade brings to mind elegance and youth. Springtime. Softness. So many times I overlook it with my love of its more daring cousin, red. But perhaps there is some ballet pink in my future. And as recital time comes upon us, I'm sure I will fall even more for this shade. 



  1. I love seeing all those sweet little girls in there tutus doing their dance routines. My granddaughter is going to be enrolled next year. Can't wait:)

  2. Little dancers are so sweet! And its so fun to watch them dance. You're going to enjoy seeing your grand daughter dance!~

  3. I love pink!! It is a color that I wear well and it reminds me of flowers and Spring and strawberry ice cream!! Little ballerinas are so irrestible too in their little tights and shoes! My Jess was a ballerina for a few years but her Mama only learned it knit leg warmer's this past winter!!! She still loved getting them 20 years later!!! Ha!

  4. beautiful!!! it really is! I have some very very thin tops with long arms that I like..in such color! and I love ballet and ballerinas too so much! wish I could dance..but no :) my daugther loves dancing as well. but sha dances..not ballet, something more cool (in her eyes :) don´t know what to call it here. knitwear I love too ofcourse, but odysuit, I don´t knoe either :) I recieved you mail so happy!!! I´m going to thin about that painting, and mail you later this evening..

    love Lycke

  5. If you liked The Dancer, you should check out Étoiles and Ballerina. I took ballet as a child and then picked it up again in college and loved it so much more than I had as a kid. I'm starting ballet again in May. So excited!

    P.S. I love Audrey's leopard-print shoes. Too cute!

  6. Ballet, isn´t that a wonderful thing. About 10 yeras ago I was a bit obsessed with ballet. I borrowed all the ballet videos from the library and read biographies on dancers. I especially loved to watch Rudolf Nureyed dance and to read biographies on his life. Every now and then I attend classical ballet performances with The Royal Ballet in Stockholm.

  7. So lovely! Your little miss really seems to enjoy dancing. I do adore that shade of pale "ballet" pink.


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