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Spring Print Sale!~

With spring now here and Mother's Day fast approaching, I thought it was high time for a sale! I've marked down many of my prints in my etsy shop to make for you good shopping--- because if you're buying for Mom you might as well buy one for yourself as well, right?

Please stop by and take a look! All the prints perfect for spring are now on sale. I also marked down the 2011 Saint Lucia Christmas Posters because I have a few left that need homes! They printed up beautifully! And when I put out the 2012 Christmas Posters later this year, you'll have the whole set :)s

Thanks again! Happy April!~


  1. You have my curiosity up with the 2012 Christmas poster that will go with my Santa Lucia poster! Perhpas a St.Nicholas?? A Babushka? I love a good surprise!

  2. Haha, well I dont know what the poster will be yet, but I know it will go with St. Lucia! I've got a copy framed myself, and look forward to adding to the poster collection :)

  3. this one is fantastic! love the feeling in it! something they share..a feeling, a mood, relations, the nature! you are wonderfully talented!

    love Lycke


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