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2012's St. Lucia

The other day I put the finishing touches on this year's Christmas St. Lucia painting and I'm happy to be able to show it to you now--- although yes, it's a bit early for Christmas! But here she is, with her procession of little helpers.
   I think this painting will round out my series of Swedish inspired Christmas paintings, and its my hope to be able to offer a nice little postcard set of them all when we get a little closer to Christmastime. What do you think? Would you like to send your friends and family a little Swedish Christmas cheer?

   Well, it is still May, so you've got time to think about it! But til then, hope you like this one...


  1. Oh please do make up the postcard sets! Finally I'll be inspired to get my Christmas cards posted out! Fingers crossed, natalie jo

  2. It's beautiful and I think a postcard set is a great idea.

  3. I think a postcard set is a lovely idea too. Oh and I have to e-mail you very soon and tell you about something truly lovely that happened to me last week!

  4. I agree that the idea of postcards is wonderful! This painting turned out so beautiful!! I do love the dark blue night and stars as she awakens the day of Santa Lucia celebration. I am already excited about making Santa Lucia buns for the occasion!

  5. ÅÅåååååhhh!!!!! Ooh my God!!! I have been able to bring home your portrait of me now!!! And I love it so so very very much!! I couldn´t believe my eyes, my heart..almost, when I opened the package and saw it! You are so extremely talented my friend!
    You captured my soul..my truly "Me"..my wintersoul and my thoughts..the aura that I dwell in (don´t really know if I use the right words here, but you understand :) even my husband was amazed, really..and recognized me all the way. I could never have guessed. This was more than I ever could have wished for. You are wonderful my friend *+*+***
    And I love all your art. think it´s wonderful seeing Lucia here, in the soon to be summer here too...I could have your paintings all over my home I think dear you ***
    tell you more soon mailing you! now I have to go to sleep. a bit tired after my mother in law has left :) but it was a sweet time...

    love Lycke
    ( I will show the painting tomorrow at my blog as soon as I have the time..)

  6. Lycke~ I just went to your site to see the painting from Heather and it was just stunning! So beautiful in all of the tiny details. Congratulations and thank-you for giving us a heads up to visit you for a peek!!

  7. This is absolutely precious! I DO think that postcards are a wonderful idea! Great job!

  8. Also a big "yes" to the Christmas postcards. I would love that! Love your Lucias.

  9. It's beautiful. I'd certainly be tempted to buy a set of Christmas postcards.


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