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   This afternoon when I went to water some of my plants, I found this butterfly. It was having a hard time figuring out just what to do with those big beautiful wings, I imagined it might be just freshly out of the cocoon. I couldn't resist gently scooping it up and trying to sit it on the smorgasbord that is my hollyhock patch.  It flittered and flopped. I suppose waking up one day and finding you have wings is a bit of a shock. I hope it learns to fly with the best of them very soon.

   I'm feeling a bit between metamophosis stages at the moment myself.  Feeling like I need to try some new things. I'm thinking of dabbling in watercolor this summer, since I'll have Audrey home with me for the next few months and water color is so much more portable with less *stuff* needed to carry around than what I have now. I envision sitting out on the back porch with a painting board and a little box of watercolors while she plays. We'll see if it all works out!

   And thanks so much for your congrats to be about the show in June! It's all very exciting! I'm looking forward to it, and hoping my art fits well with all the other great stuff going on there. I'll let you know more about it as I find out--- and of course if you're in Tulsa on June 21, get a ticket and come on down! 

  Well, back to working on some things, and perhaps getting my wings...


  1. such a beauty, the colors, wow, I think watercolors will be fun for you, I have made my own little boxes, Altoids make good ones, for travelling.I use the glue gun to make channels, then fill the spaces with watercolor paint from tubes, it dries and then you have your own box, I also use watercolor pencils, you would love them, so much fun!.I made a roll with stitched chambers for my brushes from a placemat the rolled it with a ribbon.I have started my new blog and its working well, I hope you will continue to find me there, have a good night,

  2. Heather~ The butterfly is so lovely sitting on your hand and wondering how to get these new tools working in some sort of useful way! I agree with you that the butterfly could be a sort of metaphor for new artistic endeavors. Personally, I love water colors and I think Audrey Electric in water colors is the perfect "summer school" course. Portable, less stuff to need at the time of painting, and the challenge of a new medium might just be the perfect solution to a ring side seat while Audrey plays in the splash pool, takes a riding lesson, or enjoys a friend over to play. It could be a way to renew some energy for you and solve the child care need. I predict you will get an "A" for the course! And of course all of us will be quite excited to see what you work on. We are expecting a lonnnggggg HOT summer here in Florida and if OKL is the same, you are going to have quite a tan to go along with that new artwork as you take Audrey for lots of cool off actvities!!

  3. Laurie-- those are great suggestions! I'm looking forward to getting the water colors out :) and good luck with your new blog!

  4. Winnie- thanks so much for your encouragement and belief in my watercolor skills :) When I was in college, I pretty much just painted in watercolor, funny now that I might be coming full circle in a way, but its been many years and I've very rusty. You get used to a certain type of paint and how it works. Hopefully I'll remember and learn some new tricks too!

  5. Oh how beautiful and precious!!!! This lovely butterfly knew exactly who to trust!!!! :) What a gift!!!! :)


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