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Popping in....

   It's been a busy past few days! Topped  off with a field trip to the zoo with a busload of Pre-Kindergarteners. It was cloudy and cool though, so it was a nice day to ramble about and we saw lots of interesting creatures and came home exhausted. I'm missing my painting table though. Looking forward to curling up with some artwork and sharing with you. I know I havent shared much painting with you lately, and that's because its all been commission work! But I will share that with you eventually, and also start on some new projects! Anything in particular you'd like to see?

Til next time...


  1. Nice photo! For a moment I thought you were posting from the tropics...

  2. My daughter's favourite's at the zoo were always the 'flingo's' ;o)

  3. What beautiful, beautiful domingos. And I´m glad you are feeling better from your cold. Oh yes, Tori Amos. I think Under the Pink is maybe my all-time favourite album. And the christmas album is so cozy...

  4. Everything :))) I want to see everything you are painting! it´s all so lovely, and I love to see your home too! Here I´m a bit less tired now, the sun came back and I´m trying to be out in the garden raking leaves from last year ***

    love Lycke

  5. Have you ever done a circus themed painting? I think one done in your style would be amazing! Just a thought :)

  6. I am still all caught up in the Swedish and Russian themes! Ha! Summer pending makes me think of family cookouts, swimming, vacations to new places, gardens, and scarecrows in gardens with tall corn stalks and big sunflowers. Any of those images suggest a theme? Whatever you decide will be fun! Looking forward to your inspirations!


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