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Tasha Tuesday

       Yesterday I was excited to see that my hollyhocks have started to open up! They're special to me because they're Tasha's Hollyhocks-- the seeds for them came from Tasha Tudor's garden. I ordered them a couple of years ago from the Tasha Tudor and Family website and they've really taken off in my front flower bed. When they're not in blooming season they pretty much stay green and last through the winter as a low leafy mound.

   I love the bright pink color and the lacy look of the beautiful flowers. They remind me of the flowers my great-grandma used to grow. Hollyhocks are some of my favorite perennials, and these are hardy little flowers if they can thrive in the heat of Oklahoma just as well as they can in the cool of Vermont. If you would like to have seeds from Tasha's garden, you can order them online. I may have to get more-- those lettuce poppies are amazing!

  How about you? If you could grow anything from Tasha's garden, what would it be? I wish I had her talent with peonies, I have one little shrub and it always seems to have something unfortunate happen to it! 

   Well, maybe I'll have more luck next year, right? That's the mantra of a gardener! 
Happy Tasha Tuesday,



  1. oooohhh so pretty!! Gosh I love the fact that they actually came from Tasha's garden too. The majenta pink color is just stunning and I bet it looks fabulous in your garden with other flowers! Another memorable Tasha Tuesday! Thanks!!

  2. Ohhh! Mine are just starting to bloom too! They don't last long in this heat, but I enjoy them while they're here :) What I wouldn't do for an English Country Cottage garden!

  3. Oh I didn´t know this Tasha Tudor online shop existed. I´m looking at the book section right now. Eventually I will have to get the book on making herbal teas. It is on my to-do list this year to make my own herbal teas. And the book Around the Year is a must-have too!

  4. Hollyhocks were my grandfather's favorite, every year he would measure how tall they were and have someone take a picture of him standing in front of them. He passed away in October.. I have fond memories of him surrounded by his hollyhocks. :)

  5. From Tasha herself, oh be still my heart!!!

  6. What a lovely color!!!! Our hollyhocks haven't come up yet. Although our forget-me-knots are in full bloom. We didn't even know they would come back up from last year - I think Tasha would be proud!!! :)

  7. That is so special that they are from seeds from Tasha's garden! So pretty heather you have such a green thumb. I would plant poppies. Fingers crossed we will have our little garden plot soon


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