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Tasha Tuesday

    And here we are again, another Tasha Tuesday! Hope you are well and enjoying this turn in the season-- in some places you seem to be still deep in spring. Around here we seemed to be saddling up to summer. Temperatures rising to 90 degrees, not a drop of rain in sight. Still, things are green and growing!

    Whenever you think of Tasha Tudor, aside from her world famous books and illustrations you also think 'garden.' And while her cottage garden was much loved and photographed, she also grew a fair amount of veggies and herbs, and this year I am doing my humble best to do a bit of the same.

    I am proud to say that I already have some teeny tiny little tomatoes on the vine! This is quite the accomplishment since last year it was so hot, I never had one single tomato. I hope this is a good sign for the season. And what a different season we have here on the plains than they do in Vermont! Alas, no matter how much Vermont Country Blend coffee I drink, this ain't Vermont. This is the land of big sky and big weather extremes, and a long hot summer. I often wonder what the first settler women must have thought about this place when they arrived. I imagine there were a lot of rolled up sleeves and stripped off petticoats! I can't imagine living here while wearing the clothes of those old days.

    They also had the weather to deal with, which must have been a shock for people used to a more mild climate. With modern weather technology, we now know in advance when monstrous storms are approaching, there was no way to tell those things a hundred years ago. No matter if the sky is calm and dapple blue in the morning, come evening it can be a whole other black-skied story. Did you know that the bigger the hail stone the more likely the chance there is for a tornado? That's what the weather man says, at least. But it must have been such a shock to those early people here, when things started so calm and uneventful and turned into a thunderstorm or snow storm.

   But anyhow....Even though this isn't Vermont, I still find lots of gardening inspiration in the home of Tasha Tudor. I love that she painted her garden and used her flowers and plants for muses. I need to use more flower motifs too, I think. And I hope to do a little painting today.

   Hope you have a bright and sunny Tuesday. Are you growing a garden this year? What are you hoping to harvest? My garden is mostly tomatoes, various bell peppers, some fun gourds for Audrey and herbs for cooking. We also planted some Russian Giant sunflowers the other day and they're starting to pop up out of the ground! I cant wait to see them in all their golden glory!

  Til next time, Happy Tasha Tuesday,


  1. I didn't know that about the hail stones and tornado's weird huh?

    We are actually sunny in the UK today, makes a nice change too ;o)

    We are growing strawberries and blackberries this year, we planted the blackberry bush last year but only got a few, this year though I think there will be lots :)
    We also have a dwarf pear and apple tree, the pears did well last year but we only got one apple.

    My next door neighbour grows tomatoes and beans for us, she's far more garden savvy than us and grows lots of goodies, we like to share with her ;o)

    I hope your planting works out for you this year.


  2. I am growing a tiny garden out front with the flowers. We have harvested 5 meals of green beans and my Roma tomato plant is loaded down with tomatoes which are not red yet. In addition, I have been cutting and enjoying a cinnamon basil plant which makes awesome pesto !!! There are radishes growing and lemon thyme and lavender too. When all of that is gone, I am going to try my hand at Seminole pumpkins which grow well here in the south along with sunflowers for a late summer early fall . It is so much fun this year with these tiny veggies !! I am working on a garden to table dinner using just what I have. It is going to be delicious and fun!!

  3. I have a little balcony where I grow mostly herbs. And a few flowers. The last couple of days we have had summer here, which is wonderful and so well needed. When I was in Copenhagen I bought a white owl that now lives on the balcony. Your tomatoes look delicious. Tomatoes from supermarkets often taste really bland, at least here in Sweden, so I think that growing my own tomatoes would be a good idea.

  4. My tomato plant has blooms but no tomatoes yet!! I have my fingers crossed that I get many MANY bright red tomatoes this year because boy am I craving homegrown maters! :) Thank you for reminding me, I need to plant my packet of Sunflower seeds I got for Easter!

  5. Your tomatoes look like they will do well! ;-D
    I have been out in the garden from morning till night lately, so many pretty flowers revealing themselves among many weeds, but it is pure joy to be among them!!
    I hope those BIG scary hails stay away from you and your garden!! :-0
    Happy TT, Blessings Linnie

  6. Hooray for baby tomatoes! We do indeed have a garden - we've been picking lettuce, strawberries and parsley. Our green beans are taking root, as are our tomatoes. And we shall be having a TON of currants! The flowers are all still in full bloom, as well. Even spotted several butterflies!


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