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The Week's End

My living room with a new Eiffel Tower window shade-- tres chic!

Hello, Saturday! It's been a good week over all. One more week closer to October, ha! I thought I'd share with you some pics from my instagram feed for the week. Like the new window shade in my living room where I imagine I'm looking out at a Paris cityscape, where it's probably always 75 degrees out, and never, ever like this:

The weather we're having....
     So, this is why summer turns me into such a whiney baby. Just look at that forecast. It just takes the wind right out of you. Doesn't seem to be quite as bad as last summer (can you imagine?!) but I'm fervently praying that this is not how the entire summer pans out. It makes me hate the season. It makes me covet the gray skies and rain and nights-that-need sweaters that I see on other blogs. The prairie is baking, and we wont be green much longer. It just puts me out utterly. But there are still some blooms to be had...

Perennial hibiscus in my flowerbed
 Like my trusty pink perennial hibiscus that shows up each summer like a smug debutante in my flowerbed, unfurling her epic blooms and seeming to say 'ta da!' This plant is probably about 5 years old now. It's a good hardy and trust shrub. I have a red one out back, but the pink one....she knows all eyes are on her.

   Luckily for me, though, there have been lots of indoor niceties going on. Like on Wednesday night when I went downtown to Made: The Indie Emporium Shop. They carry tons of locally made items from jewelry to home decor to art (including my art!) and it's such a sweet looking shop. They also hold little classes and events and this week my friend Jenny and I went down there to make a chocolate raspberry hand scrub taught by the charming gal who does Okie Crowe. We made our scrub, and now I smell quite delicious, no matter what the temperature!
Made: The Indie Emorium Shop in downtown Tulsa, Ok.
   Another very nice thing for me is that last week I won a gift card to Shabby Apple off our friend Andrea's blog! I was so excited! I knew a pretty new dress was in my future, and this is the one I chose-- Cider.

   I love the color, a pretty pumpkin orange (Or OSU orange, if you're of that persuasion, which I am!) I love the flower petal collar and the dress is really comfortable, which is a nice change from all the cute little vintagey dresses out there. This one will wear wonderfully throughout the seasons I think. And its made from a stretchy and breathable cotton. I added the belt myself. It will be cute with a cardigan too.
The dress I got  from Shabby Apple-- Thanks to Shabby Apple and AndreaCreates!
  So...other than that, I have been working on a fun painting project that I've got brewing and also visited a local sheep farm, which I will tell you about next time! Now I need to get back to my paints, and will talk with you soon--
Take Care,

Mr. Darcy's Proposal

    Well, I found the black paint jar and I ain't ever gonna let it go....Is that what you're thinking? ;) Ha! well, yes, i am still enjoying the floral on black combo. This time I paired it with script, and not just any script-- Mr. Darcy's proposal!

   I really love hand lettering in art. I've never felt I was good at it. Probably, I need to take a class. But it seems the best lettering sometimes is just the artist's own hand. I tried and tried to painstakingly write fancy....but the best outcome with the smoothest look ended up being my own handwriting. I hope it looks nice and not too 'written on my 8th grade trapperkeeper.' Also-- I love the word 'ardently', 'ardent.' I think it is romantic and fabulous. I think the name Arden is beautiful as well. It's just one of those words for me.

   Also, I'm up to something lately. As I mentioned before, I've really been mulling over what the next step is for Audrey Eclectic, and trying to be good and listen to what you all here and at the shows tell me (and show me through your purchases) what you want. I see paper goods in my future :) I think it's all about the paper...

   And Jane Austen, of course!

   Well, it's just past 7 a.m. and the weather is tolerable. It'll probably be 100 degrees by noon. That's just plain silly. The only thing to do is dance to Japanese doo wop (I think we've watched Kiki's Delivery Service 20 times so far this summer) and paint pretty pictures indoors!~

   Have a great day, and let me know what you think of this little painting! It's a bit different for me-- no girls! No beards! Oh my!


It's funny how creativity goes--- some days it just packs up and leaves, and other times it constantly tugging at your sleeve, begging and pleading and coming up with "ooh oh, I have another idea!!!" Lately inspiration have swung over to the more fervent side of things, and it's good but it's mind racing! I've got so many ideas. I've had a few revelations about what Audrey Eclectic should be,and new paths to take. One thing is for sure, I'm really excited about it, and I hope that you all like it too.

  My latest painting is this one-- "Forever and Ever." I love florals on dark backgrounds, and this is a bit of a companion to "Lars", which I painted recently with a dark floral background. I also love how red and salmon look together. Sort of an 'ode to Joan's apartment', if you're a Mad Men watcher. I think her home is my favorite, love all that brave color!

   In other nice news, fellow Oklahoma artist and talented illustrator Holly Abston has created a new blog called "Squeeze the Lemons" which is about being creative and frugal and creating a beautiful life with what you've got. She interviewed me today about my art and own struggle to makes lemonade from lemons, as they say :) please stop by and see what she's got going on! It's lots of fun.

  Well...it's hot. Hot hot hot. That's about all I can say :) So we are all indoors, enjoying some nice manufactured cool air, and trying not to trip over sleeping pups!

   Hope you are well!~ And thinking of my Florida readers! Hope you are safe, feel free to send some of that rain this way!~

Deep in the Winter Woods

   As we start our first week of the summer packed with triple digit temperatures across the board, the irony of this painting is not lost on me one bit! 104* today? 106* on Wednesday? Give me a snowy dreamland, and quick!

   For those of you who follow the Audrey Eclectic Facebook page, I had found a photo of this image on pinterest which was uncredited. The image just captured my heart and I really wanted to find out from whence it came. After digging around and tracing it back the original pinner, I found the image over at Loreta Blog, so I'm happy to be able to show you the source!

   I did make a few slight changes and embellishments, most noticeably probably that the image is switched i direction. This is because left-facing profiles are my stronger direction. Hehe, just like with anything, there are stronger sides and weaker sides in an artist's talents. For some reason my brain just cant work as well with right facing profiles, and you'll probably notice that all of mine face left! I also added a touch of holly berries to her basket and some snow flakes.

  One of my favorite parts of creating this piece was trying to recreate certain detailed textures-- like her crocheted shawl and the weave of the basket. I think I am most happy with the basket, I should paint more!

   Anyhow....here I go begrudgingly into the hottest week of the year so far. I really really hope that this isn't the first of many stretching ahead of us for the summer. Last summer was absolutely miserable, and I am not ready to do that again. I might stomp my feet and have a fit. Wont be pretty ;)

  Well, I better start the day before it's too hot to do anything....Have a good week, and stay cool!

Custom Piece: Vintage Halloween Memory

  I wanted to share with you all my latest commission, and my official first Halloween painting of 2012! This painting was for the lovely Winnie, and this painting depicts a scene out of an old photograph of her as a small child outside her home on Halloween! She is wearing a little clown suit that her mother made for her, and her little white kitty weaving around her heels (artistic embellishment.)

   Winnie is a big fan of Halloween, as am I! Halloween and fall are some of my favorite seasons to paint. Of course I prefer the sweet, old timey sort of Halloween! Now I'm looking forward to doing some more Halloween painting in, I think I've got a good stock put back for Christmas (although I know I'll paint more!) and doing the gallery event on Thursday has me looking forward to Indie Emporium in late September. 

   Well, I hope you like this little painting, and above all it is my hope that Winnie will love it (I've heard she does!) and it will become a beloved family treasure! That's what I love to make! If you are interested in a custom piece, see the menu above and the "FAQ" (frequently Asked Questions) section. There I go over how I do gather info for your painting, pricing, and the options I offer. Take a look if you're interested!

   Hope you have a good weekend! It's gonna be a HOT one here. Is it October yet? :)

**The RAW Show**

   Well, the RAW "Solstice" show was last night! It was such a different event for me, venue-wise, but it was a wonderful success-- I met lots of great people, saw some interesting art of all different varieties, and got to network in a different circle of artists and art lovers. Above is my set-up for the show, which I thought turned out really nicely! I had Will bring my beloved Anthropologie lamp from home and it really lit up the space with some rustic, old timey ambiance! 

   And a big THANK YOU to my friends who came to see me last night. I really, really appreciate each and everyone one of you who bought a ticket and ventured down to Brookside on a Thursday night to see me. Pictured with me, (I'm on the left) is my friend Jenny who I met years ago when we both worked at a jewelry company. Back them I was assembling and drawing  jewelry designs (I heard later I was hired for my ability to draw angels for the faith line) and she worked in the administrating office. We both moved on to bigger and better things, but have stayed great friends! 

   Well, i think I will rest a bit today, but my mind is buzzing with new ways to use pallets for displaying my art. I thought the pallets looked really neat as a backdrop for my paintings, and I've seen pallets used in all sorts of interesting ways online. I need to translate it into a portable craft show concept!

   Hope you enjoyed seeing the show! And also--- THANK YOU to those of you out of state who took part in my print sale and bought a ticket for a print. You helped me so much in my mission to get my quota of tickets sold. I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much!~!

   Have a great day, everyone! And enjoy your weekend!~

Great News!~

 I have some super exciting news, guys! My art and my blog are currently featured in the summer (July/August 2012) issue of Somerset Life!

My copy arrived yesterday and I was so excited to finally see the article I wrote plus the photos from my blog featured in this beautiful magazine! I was also shocked and so so thrilled to see that this article was six pages long! Six pages!

A big thanks to editor Jennifer Jackson and her layout team for making this spread just absolutely beautiful. It is always a shock and a wee bit surreal to see the thing you've made appear in a real live magazine. But here they are! And there is my house too! It's better than I could have imagined!

My article for this issue focuses on blogging, and to make the article a little different, I chose to focus on how I use my home as a backdrop and almost 'second author' for this blog. So much of what I make is designed to be in a home-- a part of your world and every day decor. It's important to me that my own home showcases my art in a way that others can see how it looks in a real setting. So the article is about that, as well as how any home can become a beautiful little world, with imperfections and all. I know it seems like everyone lives in an immaculate 100 year old farm house with perfect rooms and perfect yards, but you don't have to have all that to make a beautiful home, or a beautiful blog. You and I both can bloom where we are! So that's what I wrote about.

Here is a peek at the beautiful design:

   If it's not already out, this issue should hit news stands very very soon. You can find Somerset Life at most major book stores and some craft stores, like Michael's. I hope you get a chance to peek at it, and get a copy for yourself! There are lots of beautiful things in this issue, and I am SO happy to be a part of it!~


A Lavender Feast

Me feeding one of the little baby goats at the farm of The Living Kitchen

    If you're me and your luxurious evening out to a fine dinner with your husband and good friends starts with feeding a baby goat, then you are thrilled. Because good gracious, these babies are practically tap dancing across the yard while the chef for the night's meal is picking your green beans out in the garden, and then speeds down the country road on a four-wheeler to head out to cook your dinner. It wasn't a regular night out on the town.

It was rural. It was awesome. It was delicious.

The goat herd! Where the amazing goat cheese and milk served at the farm comes from.

 A couple of months ago my friend Tasha (who you might know from Tasha Does Tulsa) told me about these amazing themed dinners put on by The Living Kitchen and we knew we needed to try one out. The Living Kitchen, in it's own words is "a certified organic sustainable small farm woven into 400 acres located in Depew, Oklahoma, just off historic Route 66. The farm’s single purpose is the continual journey to raise, grow, forage and create the perfect meal."
   Owner and chef Lisa Becklund was a chef in Seattle interested in the local food movement, and wanted to come out to Oklahoma for a sabbatical to learn how to grow her own food. Several years later, she is now running a 400 acre farm where she raises beef, poultry and goats for cheese production, and also tends a massive garden full of fruits and vegetables. 
   In addition to providing Oklahomans with fresh organic foods through a CSA, they also host these farm table dinners where they invite people to their farm to tour the grounds, meet the animals, and then sit down to a themed and heavenly meal on the back porch of the most gorgeous cabin I'd ever set my eyes on. It was a place you wanted to just curl up and live in. And it was so, so delicious. 

The farm table on the back porch of the cabin where we had our epic lavender feast!
    There were several different types of dinners to choose from-- a strawberry themed dinner, a tomato themed dinner, an autumn harvest dinner; but we chose the lavender dinner because it sounded so intriguing and like nothing we would find any where else. 
    There were six (six!) courses of such amazing sounding (and tasting) dishes such as 'lavender flatbreat with carmelized onions, kalamata olives and lavender chevre'-- 'garden ratatouille with lavender flax crackers'---there were lavender pork quenelles, garlic and lavender rubbed skirt steak, quite amazing lavenderized green beans and....good gracious, lavender goat milk ice cream with homemade lavender waffle cone and peach sauce.

   It was....quite epic.

This living room space had shades of Hemingway to me, and I loved it. I could have just perched in here all night drinking goat's milk and lavender cocktails!

      The food was amazing, of course, and that was why we were there, in the middle of the country, driving down a narrow gravel road to eat a meal we'd heard would be exceptional. And oh,  it was! What I hadn't expected, however, was the loveliness of the place where we would be eating. I don't know if anyone else was as taken with our venue as I was, but when our chef mentioned we would be eating 'at the cabin' I hadn't expected this beautiful place full of  old painting and photographs, tattered and well-loved books lining the walls and old beautiful furniture scattered about. And the wood cabin walls...have I ever told you how much I love wood cabin walls? Well I do.  It was just like walking into something I'd dream up. I kept staring at all the little vignettes and feeling a little warm and fuzzy. I probably would have been perfectly happy to wander around this little house and leave hungry. But lucky for me, the evening didn't turn out that way.

The view back into the house from where I was sitting. I thought this was the loveliest view, with the painting and the wooden wall behind...

       I was in for a six course treat of delicious home made food the like of which I'd never had. And after our meal, when we were all stuffed with more lavender-laced food than I'm sure any of us had ever consumed, our chef came out and talked with us a little about how she prepared the food, where it was grown (for the most part, on her land) and the importance of supporting local agriculture. These are all things I know and am so interested in, but it is also strange how exotic it has now become to actually eat fresh and simply. I am a little melancholy about the fact that I probably have never eaten that much organic food in a really long time (if ever!) and who knows the next time I will again. The simple, unaltered, nutritional food of our grandparents and beyond is not the food experience of every day people, especially here in the U.S. It makes me terribly sad, but then attending events like this, and knowing that there are people here and all over the country who are passionately championing the idea of the real whole food experience and natural health-- that is inspiring.

   One of my favorite writers, Anne LaMott has said in her writing that she tries to live by the '8% rule.' Be 8% kinder, 8% healthier, eat 8% better. It is so easy to get bogged down in the corn syrup doldrums. But maybe for a start, I can do 8% better. Each day. It's something.

  However, I do know one thing-- this dinner was 100% amazing. And if you're in Oklahoma, this is such a neat experience, to go with friends, your spouse, your family. We laughed so much, we ate so much, we drank so much. We enjoyed so much. And I don't know the last time I had such a slow and lovely and beautiful meal. It's my hope that I can bring just a flicker of this place and it's passion for food and good living home with me into my own cooking. I am revived in my mission to grow this garden (this tiny, gangly garden of mine....) and to feed us all better stuff.

Oh, and I guess now I need a lavender plant :) lavender is oh so lovely in so many ways, I had no idea!~

Til next time,

Cocoa Kitty

   Our animal brood expanded this week. On Monday I took Audrey for a drive for a secret surprise. When we pulled up to the little farm where a family had baby barn cats in need of a new home, she was shocked and surprised. I let her choose the kitten we would take and she chose this sweet little long haired tabby--- a girl called "Coco" that we soon realized was actually a boy, slightly redubbed to be "Cocoa." Because he's got dark brown chocolatey spots. It works, right? At any rate, Cocoa is totally precious.

I've been busy getting ready for the RAW Solstice show--- I can sell tickets for only about a day more, so the print sale will last til then, and I'd still appreciate any help! There is also dance camp....piano lessons...play dates...oh, and folk art. This summer is keeping us busy. Last night we joined some friends for an amazing dinner at a local organic farm, and I can't wait to tell you all about it. It was just lovely. And inspiring too in regards to growing your own food and buying and supporting local farming.

Anyhow...I did just finish another winter painting! I hope you like it! I will show it to you soon! 
Til then...

Shop I Love: Bayberry Cove

(Ghost Dolls, left and center, by Nicol Sayre from Bayberry Cove)

  Several years ago I was in a little boutique on our first anniversary and saw my first Nicol Sayre doll. I was in love. It was a large witch doll with the sweetest face. I was so hooked. I brought it home with me from that trip and was thrilled with it, and so intrigued by the artist who created it.
   Unfortunately, I never seemed to come across Nicol's work again until I heard about the website Bayberry Cove, which sells a variety of beautiful items from several different artisans, including Nicol. I was thrilled to see that they sold several different seasons worth of items-- everything from Halloween to Christmas to springtime and Independence Day-- from Nicol's line of dolls. And so, my collecting began, thanks to a husband who knew that they make lovely gifts for any occasion and now a 5 year old daughter who pleads with him, "mama really needs that ghost doll."

(Large Green Santa and white angel Christmas Tree Topper/Doll by Nicol Sayre)

    Through the years I've also started collecting a few of the santas offered on Bayberry Cove, some of which they even offered as signed by Nicol (like the big green santa!). Shipping is always pretty quick and each doll is packaged so sweetly, I love undoing the little ribbon and peeking inside the pretty papers to see what has arrived at my doorstep. Debbie, the proprietress at Bayberry Cove is also very sweet and quick to answer any questions or concerns about any of the items. And each piece I get becomes a new favorite. This year's splurge? The two ghosts seen above.

(Witch riding a crow and pumkin box by Nicol Sayre )  

And while yes, it is only June, I am very much looking forward to autumn and then Christmas. It's my favorite time of year! When is your favorite time of year to decorate for? Do you have a certain theme, or favorite piece you bring out to celebrate? I'll tell you the truth--- I tend to keep a lot of these halloween pieces in my bedroom, they're too pretty to put in a box or a cabinet. Then during their season they get to come out and be in the rest of the house. It's fun! And I love it all.  

 And so if you're looking around for some nice holiday decor that is heirloom quality and not just the regular  knicky-nack stuff you see so often, I highly encourage you to check out Bayberry Cove. I know they have helped me procure many a treasure, and my little one is totally enamored with it all. It helps me create a holiday mood that is vintage and whimsical and not like what you see everywhere. It's really special to me. And I'm so happy to have found Nicol's work and Bayberry Cove!



Buy a print, help an artist!

   I had an idea today that I thought would be great both for me and for you! I know many of you have expressed your wish to come support me at the Solstice show put on by RAW Natural Born Artist coming up next week, but are too far away to attend. I so wish you could come! But I've thought of another way you could support me in my endeavor to sell my portion of the event's tickets--- and I hope you like it!

    For the $10 ticket price, plus standard $3 shipping (so $13) I will send you a print of your choice, which is an $8 discount on my regular print price. So if there's one you've been eyeing, now might be the time to buy and help a little artist out :) plus, I'll throw in a chance to win a package of Audrey Eclectic post cards to one lucky buyer!

   All you need to do is email me if you're interested, and I will send you a paypal invoice. Your purchase will go directly to help with the Solstice show, and I will send you whatever print your little heart desires! You can check my etsy shop to see which ones I have in stock at the moment.

  As always, I so appreciate your support and interest and visits. I am always so touched by your wonderful comments, and each time you make an Audrey Eclectic item part of your home or a gift to someone special. I love that! And that is what keeps me painting!

  Now, fittingly, I need to get back at painting! Please let me know if you have any other questions, and know I am so thankful for any and all support you give!~

New 30's Inspired Painting

    I finished this painting last week, and my plan is to take it with my to showcase as the RAW Natural Born Artists show at the end of the month. The inspiration for this piece is here--- my home--- where my great-grandmothers were young women in the teens, twenties and thirties, enjoying fashion and music and pop culture through the lens of living out on the plains of Oklahoma, where oil derricks and endless rows of telegraph lines dotted the landscape.

   I thought it was important too to show some young women who were not the blue eyed, blond haired white girl stereotype of the era. There were lots of different girls of different races, colors, mixes and backgrounds who made their mark on the past. The idea for this piece was sort of a mash-up of old photos of my great-grandma Pansy and her friends standing by a dusty road and field in the late 20s wearing the most glamorous coats as well as the girls who went to a local Indian school and photos I had seen of them.

   An interesting bit of trivia is--- the grounds of my old high school were once the grounds of an Indian mission school.  Students from several tribes would come into town and go to school there until they were integrated in the 1940s. Some of the students were full blood, some mixed blood, some Cherokee, some Creek, some Euchee, some Muskogee. When I worked at the local paper I remember pouring over old photos from the Mission School, the girls with their glossy dark hair tied back in big ribbons in their 'modern' basketball uniforms (rumor was, those girls were good ball players!) All these little sparks of ideas have come together to make this painting...

I hope you like it! I haven't yet decided on a title. I wanted to make three very distinct girls with their own look, but still very much the look of their era. And I love the look of old varsity sweaters! And although I look at this painting with a certain preconceived idea, that doesn't mean its right. These girls with their different complexions and features could be from a variety of backgrounds. It's up to the viewer to give them their story. That's the fun of my painting. It means something unique to everyone!

If you'd like to see this piece and several others in person, you can see them at the RAW show on June 21st in Tulsa, Okla. I still have a lot of tickets to sell, and so I would love to sell you one! You just go online and order your ticket and select me (Heather Sleightholm) as your artist. I'd love to see you  there!

Post cards from the weekend

     This weekend was warm and clear, but we were in the Ozarks, off of Table Rock Lake to be exact, and so it didn't have quite the oppressive heat of an Oklahoma summer. My husband's parents have retired to this rural area, and their back yard dips down into the rocky woody beach of this emerald colored lake. We went kayaking for the first time and both of us really, really enjoyed it. I love when exercise can entertain you mentally while you work. And it was a lot of fun to take in the scenery and ride the waves of a passing boat in our little floating vessels. We may need a kayak of our own...

    We saw lots of wildlife--- birds and rabbits and deer. On Sunday, though, we saw the most precious sight meandering through my in-law's yard: a family of deer, including the mama, two twin babies and the daddy. I've never seen a complete family like that with deer, usually its just the mother and the baby. It was so precious!

   On our way out of town Sunday we stopped in Eureka Springs, one of our very favorite places to visit. The downtown is beautiful, built into the craggy mountainside, with lots of great shops. We only stayed for a bit, but it was enough to get our fix of the place! Then it was back on the road, home.

   And although the ride back home is always the hardest (and seems twice as long) we saw lots of beautiful wildflowers along the road, especially in Missouri. It is obviously the season for Queen Anne's Lace, which grew in abandon along all the country roads, along with purple thistle and some Black Eyed Susan. I love the look of Queen Anne's Lace though, I think it might be my favorite wild flower. We get it here, but never in as large a mass as we saw on our drive in the mountains.

   And now...Home. Laundry to do now, of course, groceries to buy, and time to paint. Hope you enjoyed these little shots! And hope you had a good weekend as well,


Let's go vintage!

   Well it's here--- summer, although it might be spring still technically if you're consulting a calendar. But the 90 degrees temperatures we've been having lately beg to differ! And with summer comes summer fun, which we're planning to indulge in this weekend with a visit to see family at Table Rock Lake. My new vintage-inspired bathing suit has triggered a renewed interest in vintage style and I have to say....aren't any of these suits better than those cheap stringy bikinis? And aren't all of these ladies beautiful, hips and bust and all?

Rita Hayworth

    I've come to the conclusion that although it is popular now to be waifish (and  don't all the people we see in magazines and blogs tend to be oh-so waifish? How did everyone get so diminutive?) that these ladies-- particularly from the 40s and 50s are going to be my ideal.

   They say you get more confident as you grow older, and maybe I have. I think it's ridiculous that fashion insists we retain the bodies of a 15 year old (or even more difficult, the bodies more similar to a 15 year old boy!) I think it's very interesting that we can look at the vintage photos of these women who are a good 20-30 lbs. heavier than today's models and think they're beautiful, yet if we look at our own similar selves and compare them to today's ideal, we feel like we come up short. It's nonsense!

  Of course I should clarify that this doesn't mean I am putting down women who are naturally thin. What I'm trying to say is-- we should be proud to work with what we've got and not tie ourselves up in knots or deprive ourselves or berate ourselves because we can't force our bodies into being some unattainable ideal. Have you noticed that 90% of the bathing suits you see in the store work well for about 10% of the population? It just strikes me as odd. 

Jane Mansfield

Marilyn Monroe

  How about you? What do you think of these ladies and their swimming suits? Do you prefer the modern 'itty bitty teeny weenie' ones, or would you like to see the vintage style make a come back? Because I really think it is! I see them more and more and I think they're so flattering, but they're not for everyone, I know. I think it's fun too that many of these old bathing suit photos have lots of accessories with them too--- high heels, hats, red lipstick. I think it's gorgeous! 

  Whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope you have a good one! I plan to come back with no tan (I'm embracing the pale!) but worn out from being on the water. 
Talk with you next time,

PS: Wanna see more curvy girl inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board :)


  Just look at those faces. These are my spot warmers....a few days ago we were having a Fact or Faked marathon. These dogs really love sci-fi ;) 

  It's been a little quiet around here, so I thought I'd better pop in and say "hello, I'm still here!" It's just ended up being a busy week, with no much painting getting done. Recitals, VBS, first piano lessons, art show things....lots to do. And to top it off I've just been in a bit of a rut. It happens. I know this, and I know it ends, but its still an uncomfortable place to be.

   I've been wishing a lot lately that I had a mentor. Some guidance. I love working for myself and doing what I want to do, but sometimes it's difficult when you are 100% of the business. Everything is on your shoulders, and sometimes I just don't know if I've pointed myself in the right direction. Sometimes you just wish there was someone up on the path ahead of you going "you can do this! Just a few more steps! You're doing great!"

  This evening I went to the venue where the RAW art show Solstice will be held to do a walk through and decide on my location. Things like this can make me feel incredibly shy, but I was relieved to see a familiar face or two in the other exhibitors. I think this is going to be a really amazing show, like nothing I've participated in so far. I still have lots of tickets I need to sell, so sign on up and be my guest! 

  Anyhow...I hope to have some beautiful things to show you soon. Hope you are well!~

Summer Sale!

    Well, I'm writing this to you just before a little ballerina and I head out to play in the sprinkler. It's in the 90s today, and summer seems to be most definitely here. I got a new light and easy haircut (see photo above!) and also an adorable vintage-inspired bathing suit that I'm really excited about (and when does anyone ever get excited about a bathing suit? It's a rare thing!) I guess I am ready for summer...until it gets too hot!

   But as the season turns, I am reminded of the very busy seasons of fall and Christmas that are nipping at my heels! I've been holding back a lot of Christmas items for the past few months, and need to start on some Halloween treats very soon. That means, I need to tidy up the shop! To do this, I am offering a limited-time sale of 15% off of EVERYTHING in my store. Prints, originals, the whole shebang. I gotta make room, so if you're interested, help a girl out! The coupon code is SUMMERSALE. Go HERE to my shop to take a look!

   Now off to the sprinkler...

EDIT: Summer sale is now over! Thanks so much!

June Show

Hello there! Well it is Friday and the first of June! We're headed right into summer... although I know here and in other parts of the US it feels like it's already settled in and made itself comfortable. I'm uneasy about that, especially after last summer (remember? I whined and moaned pretty steadily about how much I hated the heat)
June also brings an exciting Audrey Eclectic event--- the Solstice art show put on by RAW Natural Born Artists! The show is June 21st at 33Forty, located in Brookside in Tulsa, Ok. Tickets can be ordered through me for $10 each, which is a bit cheaper than they will be at the door. Each artist is rewarded for tickets sold in their name, so I would be thrilled beyond thrilled for anyone going to order as my guest! You can do so HERE.

   I've got a little collection of paintings set aside for the show, including my newest, Lars. I'm also so happy to see some friends among the others featured! Yay for Bohemian Romance and Sunshine and Carousels

  In other news, this is dance recital weekend and so I am at the beck and call of a very tiny and talented ballerina. It is so funny that two very shy parents have produced such a creature-- who loves to dance and sing and be on the stage. She isn't bothered by it at all, and smiles and gives it all she's got. Which is amazing to me, the little girl who stood and cried at her first recital and hasn't been able to live it down yet. It seems I am raising an entirely different animal :)

  Well, wishing you a wonderful June weekend! And I hope to see you at this upcoming show in a few weeks if you are nearby! It sounds like fun, with lots of different things to see and watch!

   Til next time,