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Summer of Love

    Now that it's safe in it's new home, I can show you this latest commission I did recently for a couple in anticipation of their first wedding anniversary! The theme she wanted was a 1960s/summer of love vibe, which was new for me but a fun challenge! I took her favorite colors and used them as the palette for the piece and also added a big floral motif to it, which I am all about these days. Love the bramble of flowers!

   I hear they both like it and I'm happy I could do this for them! I've got several commissions to complete at the moment, which is always a good thing, and each one is so special. It's always an honor to be chosen to make these important pieces that celebrate milestones or honor a family. I always try my best to make them something that the people will really love--- nothing less than true love will do when it comes to these paintings!

   Since my post about my plans for paper goods the other day, I've gotten lots of great comments and thoughts on the plan. I wanted to say too that going in this direction doesn't mean I'll stop doing originals or commissions--- what it really means (for me) is just getting more streamlined and focused on what it is I paint. I have a terrible habit of getting distracted sometimes, and it can lead to things not being as cohesive as I'd like or just flat running out of time to get the things I need to do completed. So I think getting more of a 'game plan' will not only make it easier to create special sets for paper goods, but also leave more time for me to do side work, like commissions! So...we all win!

   And speaking of the post with the about-to-open sunflower--- it opened! And it is so pretty. All the bees and butterflies are excited about it too ;) It is the most gorgeous, intense yellow. And these flowers always make me think of my mama, because they're her favorite!

   And speaking of goings-on in the garden, this foxglove just randomly decided to bud and bloom! I think it opened up with a shock when it realized it was 104* outside! Poor thing! I bought this plant and one other foxglove mound at the beginning of summer and the other one hasn't done a thing. I honestly thought neither would, thinking perhaps they'd need to take a year to get acclimated before they'd bloom. I'm not really sure if this is the right time for it to bloom--- I had imagined it would be blooming with the Hollyhocks in May. But anyway, it's here! It's blooming! I hope it lasts!

   Well, more paintings to work on! And I need to get the day started. 
Have a good one,


  1. What a lovely portrait, as always. I'm glad you have a lot of commissions!

    Wow, what a gorgeous sunflower. I've never tried to grow any (or any flowers, for that matter, just veg) even though I live in "The Sunflower State." I'm always afraid I'll do something wrong and kill them...

  2. Cute commission piece Heather, Love the guys hair and sideburns!!!!

  3. Beautiful Sunflower! Sunflowers and Peonies have always been my favorites because they are so large and vibrant, wish they would last longer than they do. I love the commission piece!

  4. lauren--- you should toss a few sunflower seeds out and see how they do! They are so easy and KS IS is sunflower state! they're fun to grow and watch, audrey planted these.

  5. The Secrey Hermit--- thank you! I am a fan of interesting facial hair as well :)

  6. Kelsey- I love those flowers too although I have bad luck with peonies. my little shrub never does too well, they're pretty flowers though!

  7. Love the custom painting piece!! And the gorgeous floral additions add the perfect touch for a summer anniversary. Your sunflower is gorgeous and amazing! I have never grown sunflowers either but I have a packet of seeds to plant that offer a burgandy color flower. So, I was thinking they would be pretty for fall and plan to get them started in August. IT is just so hot and HUMID right now! UGH!!

  8. That is such an awesome portrait! I'm very glad the recipients like it - how could they not? That sunflower is so beautiful. :) And I love your foxglove - it's one of my favorites in the garden, too.

  9. The Summer of Love painting is really sweet. I know the couple must love it.


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