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   Hello there, everyone!~ Here it is Monday, again! Thanks to those who sent their birthday greetings and wishes! It was a nice weekend filled with lots of good food and fun. My parents got me a German chocolate cake-- my dad and I are a little obsessed with it ;) I had a nice day, visited an uncommon amount of farm animals (of course!) designed a new project (as I tend to do with only a week left til a craft show!) and enjoyed some quiet time.
   The sunset was so pretty yesterday too, and I was so stuffed with food...I am now ready to take on an entire year of being 31!

       At the end of the day, Mr. Franklin and I cuddled up with a new ghost story that my brother got me for my birthday (that's what comes of a lifetime of terrifying a younger sibling with ghostly tales, I guess!) and called it a night. Tomorrow-- the 25th--- will be Franklin's first birthday! He's getting to be a big ol' boy! He's finally starting to 'unfurl', getting his leg whispies and flagged tail like a real Cavalier!

Thanks again, friends! And have a wonderful week,


  1. Awww, Happy Birthday!!!
    I loooove German Chocolate cake! Probably my fav. Hope you had a great and beautiful weekend!

  2. Oh gosh that cake looks so delicious!! What a perfect cake for a celebration too . This is going to be an exciting per week for Indie for you. Looking forward to photos of your booth and how it all goes!

  3. Happy Birthday Heather!
    Sounds like a really pleasant way to spend the day.

  4. Happy Birthday Heather. It sounds like a wonderful day and that chocolate cake looks delish!

  5. Happy Birthday, Heather! That cake looks amazing. (I love German Chocolate, but I'd have to pass on the frosting that traditionally goes with it. )

  6. Happy birthday! That cake looks delicious. It sounds like you had a wonderful day :)

  7. Åååh I missed that! very much happy birthday and love from me too. and what a wonderful cake. wish I could taste it...mmm..

    love Lycke

  8. Happy birthday dear Heather! The cake looks delicios, I would like to taste some of it myself :) Love from Sara

  9. Glad you had a wonderful birthday! That cake looks DElicious!!!! :) And I see your little guy has a birthday, too...what a cutie. :) Hope you enjoyed your new spooky tale!


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