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Around Here

   Around here we're preparing for the changing of the season. And although the heat has been terrible again this week, there are some little signs that relief and a deepening into autumn is on it's way. The big Russian Giant finally went to seed, an epic buffet for some feathered friends when they find it. This is the bloom that I cut down and tied to the gourd birdhouse stand.

    I'm also getting prepared for Indie Emporium at the end of the month, and have been gathering (hoarding?) cheese cloth to soften the look of my booth. Yesterday I made a big vat of instant coffee and dyed all the cloth and then hung it out to dry on a makeshift laundry line. I think it's going to look really nice!

   And always one to start projects at odd hours once I get the notion in my head, I started setting up my booth in the garage to get an idea of how I will do it this year and how much cloth I'll need. The answer: more cloth!!! hehe....

   I've been slowly bringing out some of my autumn decor as well, and can't wait to display all my favorite Nicol Sayre pieces. Her art dolls are just beautiful. I love her witches and her santa's too. The witch on the right is the first doll of hers I ever saw and ever bought. I got it in a little shop in Eureka Springs on an anniversary trip. It was half price since it may have been Halloween that very day...(our anniversary is the 29th) and I just fell.in.love. and am still in love :) with both the husband and the dolls ;)

   And lastly, what is going on around here is a complete animal fest, as per usual. Have I told you about Franklin and Cocoa? Well, they are totally best friends. They love each other more than I've ever seen a dog and cat bond. Probably because they're both still 'little kids.' But they are hilarious to watch. They'll tackle each other and roll and wrestle in the yard. It's usually the pup who yelps first ;) that kitty is tough stuff! We all know the back yard is his yard now, we just visit it.

   Well, I gotta run for now! A friend and I are visiting a museum this morning and I'm really looking forward to it!~ I will tell you about it soon....



  1. such beautiful photos, lovely transitions to fall, such handsome friends you have,

  2. Getting the fall favorites out just brings smiles and memories of all the fun things that happen in this season! And all at dyed cheesecloth has me so curious about what the booth will look like for the Indie event. I bet it is going to be fabulous!! Oh, and October anniversaries? We celebrate our 33rd on October 26. The best things happen in the fall !!!!

  3. I wish i could spend my days sprawled out in the grass like that enjoying the last days of summer.

  4. Ooo Cheese cloth! How fun! I recently saw photos of Pumpkins with cheese cloth tattered around them..Im going to try it this Halloween. Your pup and kitty are adoreable.. animals are funny creatures and great to have around.

  5. Those dolls, thay are fantastic! And the garland too- I´m now inspired to make my own garland with an autumn touch. Thank you for all the inspiration Heather :)

  6. Neat cheese cloth - I'm sure your booth will look great, Heather. Oh, and I am drooling over your Nicol Sayre dolls! I absolutely ADORE her work - that's another thing you and I have in common. :)

  7. That sunflower photo is so gorgeous!!!! And those dolls from Nicol Sayre are exquisite. I love the primitive feel to them. My little guy was great friends with our late kitty, Jazz. He loved licking her ears...and she let him do it! When she passed, he kept looking around for her. It's amazing how animals can really love each other. :)


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