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A Dapper Fisherman

     How are you this warm fall day? The sky is bright and it's a little warm here, but the trees are starting to turn to their bright fall colors, and I'm enjoying it.
   Another thing I enjoy is getting paintings completed and into their owner's hands. I just delivered this painting over the weekend, and I (and the owner!) am very pleased with how it came out!
   It's the same gentleman as in THIS family portrait, but he wanted his own portrait depicting him in about the same era, but fly fishing in one of his favorite areas of Colorado. I added an antique fishing pole and basket, and he's smoking a cigar-- another favorite thing of the owner!

  This is a different nature scene than I've painted before (I think this is my first river!) and I enjoyed trying to get the autumn aspen trees mixed with pines just the right shades for the season. I love doing these custom portraits for people and transporting them and their likeness to a different time and place.
   Be it a formal Edwardian portrait or the rustic landscape of Colorado, I love the challenge!
   I've also got several other commissions lined up to make, each one so different and so fun to create. I am just so happy that I get to do this, each day, every day. You know you've found something wonderful when you can't wait to wake up in the morning and get started! And that's how I always feel!

   Hope you have a wonderful week!~ Let's visit again,

PS: The winner for the giveaway of the Laura Frantz book was.....Tome Traveler! Congrats!


  1. Very outdoorsy, love it! Reminds me of the movie- A River Runs Through It!!

  2. This painting is fantastic! I love everything about it! And the setting is beautiful and perfect for this time of year. What a fabulous keepsake for the owner. I can just see it hanging in an office with other personal momentos.

  3. I absolutely adore your art!

  4. This is so cool! And the scenery reminds me of where I used to live in Park City, Utah. The aspens in fall are beautiful! Such a beautiful job, Heather, can't wait for you to get started on mine! :)

  5. Oh Heather! This is just awesome!

  6. Congrats to your lucky winner! This portrait is really awesome, Heather. There is SO much detail! I'm very glad that you get to create art every day. It is truly such a wonderful gift to be able to do so. :)


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