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Bronte Commission

     Not too long ago I was asked to create a really special painting, inspired by an actress, a play, and Charlotte Bronte! This painting was done on canvas, measuring 18x24" and the inspiration behind it was the play "Bronte: A Portrait of Charlotte Bronte", which ran off-Broadway this year.

    This painting was created as a gift for the very talented actress who played Charlotte in the one-woman show. It depicts Charlotte search the moors for a bit of heather to give her dying sister Emily, and also clutching a copy of her book. The dress was inspired by the costume from the show and the landscape inspired by the wild beauty of North Yorkshire.

   I was so very pleased to be able to create this piece, especially in honor of one of my favorite authors and for such a talented actress. You can see a trailer for the play HERE. It looks like an amazing play!

    And now, it is very much like 'a gray day on the moors' here in Oklahoma. It is cold outside--- I'd almost forgotten what that was like! Cold and gray and windy. A taste of the seasons to come.

   Have a wonderful weekends, my friend!~ Til next time,


  1. What a beautiful painting! I love how you've depicted Bronte!

    Sam (Bohemian Romance)

  2. Hauntingly beautiful.

  3. Love this Heather. So, so good.

  4. So beautiful! I just love it!

  5. Oh Heather, this is so beautiful and touching! Her concerned look!
    At first glance before reading your words, I thought it was Catherine from Wuthering Heights.

  6. So so beautiful. I love the expression of her face..the feeling of the wind, the weather..you are so talented my friend..
    wish you a beautiful autumnday with more of that coldness..

    love Lycke

  7. Wonderful painting! What a treasure to remember a part of your lifeblood!!

  8. This portrait is very moving and a perfect tribute to Charlotte Bronte. Love those Bronte girls...sigh.


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